Large Ash tree with TPO

There is a huge Ash tree overhanging my house - and by huge I mean twice the height of the house.

My main concern is that it has a V in the trunk about 6' up - Im worried that this will be a weak spot now the tree is so big.

Is it worth approaching the council to see if we can get the tree removed? Or would it be a waste of time?



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Think you will need a report from a "qualified" tree surgeon to say that is unsafe, before you will get far with TPO people.


You will have to get a report done by a qualified arboriculturalist which will probably cost a couple of hundred £. If he says there is anything wrong with the tree you would then need to submit an application for tree work to the local authority along with the report. Best thing would be to seek advice from the council tree officer first. If the tree has a TPO and is healthy you won't be able to do much to it. It looks a beautiful tree to me and I wouldn't think the fork is a problem on an ash but get a report done for peace of mind.
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As above I think an abor report needed, and some lopping or pollarding rather than total removal would be likely outcome and only if any signs of ill health in the tree.


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A TPO is now a largely political instrument, used by serial busy bodies, to try to stymie anything which they see as a threat to their idealised view of the World.
In planning matters they are used like bats and badgers and newts, as a trump card in all negotiations to try to delay progress.
Councils like them because they give clipboard-carriers a role in life.
In certain circumstances however, TPOs serve a useful purpose in protecting individual trees and woodlands of historic or aesthetic significance.
I quite like the tree - it's just that it is so big, and the split trunk concerns me.
It's certainly big enough to wipe out my house, or my neighbours.
What really worries me is that if it does come down whilst kids are in the garden though.

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The whole village has got lots of propper big trees ,,it was mainly because of the main landowner here,he hates to see trees cut down for no reason ,,I took a few manky willows down for him last year but he was reluctant to touch them ,,only got them because the crowns snapped out in the wind and they looked a mess


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How about just seeing if it can be trimmed / pollarded / altered in some other way to make it safer, better, but leave the tree in place? You dont have to go down the whole hog of removing the tree - which will presumably be more tricky to "get" than just a haircut.

Note that if a TPO tree is required to be removed for safety reasons, the council is likely to insist that a replacement tree is planted. Similarly, if a TPO tree dies, then the landowner has a duty to replant.

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