Late pre DD herbicide choice

I am hoping to get my WB mixture and some Bumblebird mix in later this week now we have finally had some rain. :)

I had a walk around yesterday and am disappointed at the outcome of 5l/ha of 360 generic with additive on some land used last year for similiar crop. Nettle and creeping thistle is coming back, mainly because of poor takeup in the recent dry and cold weather, I suspect.

What is the best herbicide for a quick takedown and still DD 48hrs later? More glypho...?. Cannot use Kyleo as it needs a delay before drilling. Or a whizz through with 3.5l Polo or similiar, but possible some CMPP in as well... ?

Only a few ha to do.
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There is a good reason Kyleo (glyphosate + 2,4D) has a drilling window. The concern is 2,4D residues harming the emerging seedlings.

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 14.24.45.png

Bypassing Kyleo to gly + anything else is usually against the label usage. Polo is 2,4D + MCPA.

You can either obey the label or use any of the above and take a risk. What species are in your Bumblebird mix?
Got hold of the agronomist last night, and said use Biactive 480.

As you tightly say, the residue problem is an issue. I got caught out with Kyleo last Spring on one block.... We did ponder straight MCPA, but not going to do the job he thought.

Hopefully, now we have had some rain, I can sneak in tomorrow sometime, and drill at the w/e.

Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

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Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

"With the loss of Bromoxynil another BLW herbicide was needed" says Premium Crops Company Agronomist, Hannah Foxall,"Having fluroxypyr as a Post-Emergence option will enhance our control of; cleavers, knotgrass, black nightshade, fumitory, chickweed and black bindweed in the millet crop"

As with all EAMUs any restrictions guidance stated on the products labels must be adhered to and the approval document can be found by clicking...