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  1. I use indexable tip tools for just about everything. I only use blanks, if I need to grind up something special for a one off job.
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    your right Simmy, if i was running deep cuts off in the lathe id use flood coolant, my head was in the mill as i wrote that, my bad.
    altho for smaller cuts on the lathe id still use the oil, you can see more what your at.
    like all the machines, every job has a different way of going about it.
    altho the oil i use dosent smoke much but it id be good quality oil.

    thats deep cuts your taking there tho, most wouldnt cut that deep.
    i trained as a fitter and the rest of what i know is home schooled so to speak.
    would that be a mascott 1600 there or a mastiff.
    i bought a 1600 80" one for myself 6 mths ago.
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    That's a mascot 1600. The fella who used to own the company still came in to do drawings etc. Just to get him out the house really. He was proper old school turner. He had equations in his head for working things out. I used to stand there like how the fudge do you know that lol. Crazy . He said the hp of the motor and the gear ratios of that machine, put that cut on. Not an issue to the old lass. Heard story's about an old cincinatti horizontal mill he had. Used it for roughing out slabs of en16. A lad said you couldn't go near it as the cuttings were like £2 bits coming of it!! Old fella was stood there with a thick welders coat on and goggles and flat cap. NUTTER
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    Co Antrim
    If any of you are looking for tool holders, boring bars etc I bought a job lot at an auction recently and have far to many and some of which are far to big for my lathe.

    Evan came with some anti vibration boring bars amongst other goodies.

    I was planning on listing what I don't need on ebay but if anyone on here wants something specific let me know and I will see what I have.
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    quick change tool post, tool holders is it?
    as for the boring bars, quality brands are they?, what have you in the 20-30mm range, out of interest
    are they left hand or right hand bars?, as in right hand bars cut closest to you, left hand on the back of the bore if you didnt already know.
    im not too bad off for boring bars but there always a bit of room left..:whistle:
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    I'll have a good look through tomorrow and post a few pictures of what I have, probably the easiest way. Nearly all the tooling is Sandvik. I've a heap of morse taper drills, u drills and other bits and pieces too. Really need to start sorting them out rather than just pulling out what I need when I need it.
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    IMG_2180.JPG IMG_2179.JPG IMG_2178.JPG IMG_2174.JPG IMG_2171.JPG IMG_2172.JPG A few pictures sampling the tooling I have, ended up working far later than I expected so not very organised I'm afraid.

    Some boring bars, morse taper drill bit, carbide drill bit etc. There is a heap of stuff still to be sorted but if you need anything specific drop me a message and I'll see what I have.

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    20 quid for the lot, and I'll pay the carriage......:whistle::whistle:

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