Launching: Small Robot Company's Farm Ambition Blueprint at Groundswell


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Farm Ambition Blueprint: Your farm's future
Plan out your goals for your farm with the Farm Ambition Blueprint

As a forward-looking farmer, you are likely already considering how the future of farming is changing.

At Small Robot Company, we have been considering the farm's purpose and its possible future goals for a while now. It's what’s driving us to create our Tom, Dick and Harry robots.

These systems have the potential to alter the role of the farmer and how we think about our farms. But they will only be productive if we have a completely clear idea of what we want to do. Only bold human beings, thinking differently about how they want the future of food production to look, will change this.

We are lucky to have such farmers onboard with Small Robot Company: our ethos is ‘by Farmers, for Farmers’,. and as such we have been working closely with our Farmer Advisory Group to develop our technology on farm.

We are now launching our 100 Club. This is for our first commercial customers - for the time when we are ready to grow beyond our 20 trials farms. Prior to the service being commercially available, our 100 Club will form a wider advisory panel of farmers, who are regularly consulted as the technology takes shape, working with us to shape the future of arable farming.

Our longer term vision is for ‘permaculture at scale’. Caring for each plant on an individual basis, and applying horticultural techniques at a broadacre level. We are planning a future where your farm can grow multiple commercial crops in the same field, with different plants harvested at different times.

We are creating an entirely new model for ecologically harmonious, efficient and profitable farming. A farm could be designed not for what large machines can do to it but for what you can do with it.

Join us, and become farming pioneers.

We are also next week launching our Farm Ambition Blueprint. This is a business coaching programme designed to develop your thinking about how new technologies can change your business and open up new opportunities. This programme will involve quarterly workshops with other like-minded farmers. The process of taking yourself away from the farm for a day to work on your business rather than simply in your business, coupled with the network of other business owners grappling with the same issues, will transform your thinking.

We believe that together we can help you make your vision for your farm’s future a reality. To make your farm’s future bigger than its past.

Our co-founder Sam will be running a seminar on this topic at the Groundswell Conservation Agriculture conference at 3pm on 26 June, Lannock Manor Farm, Hertfordshire. He will be helping you to find your strengths and to begin creating a plan for your future farm success.

Should you wish to speak with Sam on a 1:1 basis at the Groundswell Conference, please let us know and we'll make it happen. Or get in touch for more information and an application form (

We would love you to join us.

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