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    Yeah I think that will be the most important thing. Fingers crossed then! Thanks
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    Chap whose application is currently being considered said one of the contactors who had quoted for some of his work got a visit to check he existed !!
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    Will these leader grants pay towards converting barn into holiday let’s still?
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    Think this is the link for your patch, Hours of bedtime reading for you
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  5. If I can get mine through I am sure you can doing that. Ring them up and ask, just after I put my application in they increased their grant funding - suspect they were not spending it quick enough!
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    But when converting barns your not really creating jobs apart from a cleaner maybe so am I right in saying the most I can get is 30k? Think it 30k per job created isn’t it?
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  7. I am not exactly sure for your project but a conversion helps employ local builders etc during the conversion then pub, shop, local tourist attractions and increase in council tax after the job is done so knock on effect is there which this grant wants to see.
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    Sometimes pays to hire someone to do your grant application.
    Some one who knows their way round the rules knows how to put the words in the right order
    Can give you the number of a good lad at H & H if you are interested

    £30k grant at 40% will be total expenditure of £75k
    How much do you expect the job to be
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    Has to be actually employed by you so none of the above count
  10. Hmm ok, I don't recall that being said to me but can't be sure
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    Is the application process still open?
  12. maen

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    S West
    I have just been told that the RPA have pulled the leader grant funding as the panel was meeting to award the next round of applicants. Anyone else heard similar?????
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    Nope, I spoke to my leader coordinator today and she said yesterday the threshold got raised from £50,000 to £150,000. That was in Scotland. Bit annoying for me who has had a project passed with the old cap but not yet started yet!
  14. Same!
  15. Same, just spoke to our leader coordinator who says ours in still definitely open. We're in the process for a new cattle handling system with weigh cells, feet trimming, manual squeeze, calf sucking with forcing pen and race.
    Can't recommend the process enough as nicola and team have been really helpful and we would have not had the upgrade from our tatty old mobile crush without!

  16. Don’t miss the deadline for LEADER funding!

    Bolsover and North East Derbyshire LEADER team still has funding available to create jobs and growth in businesses in its rural communities.

    Grants from £3500 and up to €200,000 are available for a maximum of 40% of the total project costs.

    Contact the team today info@bned-leader.co.uk or call 01246 217594.

    See the website for more information atwww.bned-leader.co.uk

    This is Nicolas piece she's asked me to post...

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