LG Stallion breaks record pea yield ⁠— again…



Written by Charlotte Cunningham

A crop of LG Stallion blue peas has broken a world record pea yield for the second time. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Harvested on 7 Sept, a crop of LG Stallion blue peas has yielded a record 7.48 t/ha at 15.04% moisture. The last world record ⁠— set back in 2017 ⁠— was also held by a crop of LG Stallion which yielded 6.47 t/ha, at an average of 15.35% moisture. Lincs grower, Tim Lamyman, is delighted with both the yields and quality to come off this year’s pea crop. “Who would have thought that 2019 would be the year for a world record crop,” he says. “I am absolutely thrilled with the final performance of the peas as they have shown a consistency in biomass through the season ⁠— much more so than last year. In places the crop was 6ft tall, and this has obviously translated into yield.” LG Stallion was the field pea variety of choice, selected for its high yield potential and good standing ability. This is the third year that Tim has grown the variety, breaking the world record yield in 2017, and having success again with the variety in the very difficult season of 2018 when…
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