Light Goods Commercial Vehicle insurance


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Romney Marsh
As both my trucks are due for insurance renewals, who do you lot use ............ and an idea of the cost, as mine appear expensive !

I have been quoted £1300 for two newish trucks, 3 named drivers over 25, on limited mileage.

Does appear expensive when my car is £200
Ditto. I insure 3 vehicles with Admiral on a multicar policy for under £600. Not small cars, two 4x4s and a Golf GTD.

The insurers must have been reading on TFF about how @Derrick Hughes is always singing the praises of the NFU because they always pay up on his claims, and decided he makes too many of them, and priced accordingly :oops:
If no one ever claimed then there would be no use for insurance would there ,

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Who would insure a car for 200 , it would hardly cover the wheels , must be 3rd party no fire or theft
Fully comp here, protected NCB for all vehicles. Couple of named drivers in 40s, high miles (10-20k, depending on vehicle.) Nothing over £250 and all decent, newish cars. Heck, even my defender is under £200.

Direct Line, if you're interested. And they're a lot easier on claims than the NFU.

Hfd Cattle

Back to the OP .
I thought about a small lorry earlier this yr for the OH to haul bales . Have always had a lorry till about 4 yrs ago .
I was shocked at the high cost of the insurance so we didn't bother .

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