live within your means?

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    Wow, it could only be discussed on a farming forum, dole scroungers and those that live off them complaining about dole scroungers, classic :LOL::LOL::LOL:.
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    I have had to get a credit card which l pay off each month to getting a credit rating. Safer than using your debit card online
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    Both good jobs, can't understand it, the house next door to them is for sale at a very good price, yet renting is their only option. Theoretically the income they get, they could buy that house no questions asked. Yet however they've paid for the cars doesn't add up, say they bought them outright, it'd be daft, as they'd half buy the house that's for sale next to them, and have a peanuts mortgage. And if the cars are on tick, what they likely pay for the merc would be the equivalent to a mortgage on the house next to them. Strange why someone would drive over £50 thousands worth of cars and not own their own house.
  4. Yes, much wailing on another thread about young folk can't afford houses....
    But the average wage in the UK is £26k. A couple both earning £26k = £52k.....:scratchhead:
    ' course we know what the problem frittered on 3 holidays a year / sky TV / mobile phones / laptops / owning 2 cars ( and running 2 cars ).

    YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. If you want to buy a house, sacrifices have to be made elsewhere.
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    No I agree with your sentiments

    Most of our furniture is handed down through the generations, tables/dressers/sideboards/chairs
    If i'm buying new and it ain't real wood, then it's not coming into our house
    Antique and period furniture, with a patina has some real interest to it

    Formica and MDF - where's that going to be in 5 years time:unsure:
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    So true, I was away with a couple of lads last week abroad on the 'bikes

    Mine is 12 years old, with 60k on it - but it's serviced and tip top, bought and paid for from day 1 and a quarter of the price of my mate's 17 reg version

    One of my mates, the oldest of the gang at 55 is a jobbing builder

    He had the latest 17 reg bike, on PCP with all the trinkets and has a new T6 VW Van with sporty wheels and suspension, again on PCP.
    He lives in a small terraced house, maybe on a mortgage.
    He has the latest gadgets and clothes all on the monthly - right labels etc
    2/3 foreign hols a year
    He's just had his nipples pierced at 55 - because it's a craze - stupid fool

    He thinks he's happy but if the sh!t hits the fan (and it does if his work dries up or he doesn't get paid) - he's cream-crackered and can't afford his monthly lifestyle

    In reality he's living on the edge, but thinks he's cool

    Some of the other guys are sound, don't flash it around and use their money wisely to invest

    Twas a funny week
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    in the hills

    Maybe because when the sh!t hits the fan they will just buy cheap run around cars, better to give up fancy cars rather than get their house repossessed. If they can't pay the rent the dole will
  8. Weasel

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    in the hills
    Big difference, there's a lot of fat slags out there with 7 kids to 8 different dad's who live like theyre Richard Branson
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  9. Nell

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    Yeah, there's often a nice little commission bonus tied into the deal with the manufacturer and finance company.
  10. carpenter1

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    Some people call me tight, but I am just careful, and think things through when I comes to money
  11. suffolksmallholder

    I'm not sure the be-all & end-all is owning a house. Renting at least gives mobility & much more freedom to move around. The Brexit mentality of being stuck behind a Trump-style wall in the UK is fine if you want to hide from the rest of the world. IMO Europe is the place of the future & being able to work freely within is just better. This uncertainty has driven three of my children to countries outside Europe. Will they return? Who knows. They're happy & free & young.
    I'm puzzled by the hatred offered to mothers with six children & different fathers. Perhaps this comes from misogynist feelings towards women? Also who THF cares if the TV is the width of a bus. That's their choice. I opted out of the whole TV thing when our six children could make that decision. We've never looked back.
    I've been slagged off for my simple life working my smallholding. It seems like having an old Skoda is not pc with some, one person in particular who likes to boast of his Scottish land holdings. :confused:
    I feel sorry for those who are sucked into the 'want-it-all-today' mindset but that's their choice. I've discovered much kindness from folk of all walks of life when in a sticky situation, irrespective of their financial situation. Travelling round the UK for a year was just such a buzz & I'm glad I did it.:) In all honesty as a country we're just great!
  12. Because they have shown a complete lack of personal responsibility (as has the man). The money she gets from the state just encourages the behavior. It is the children who suffer of course. Nothing to do with misogyny.
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  13. suffolksmallholder

    Do you really know this or are you simply re-writing newspaper stories? We have a social responsibility to all. No the children don't suffer. Some end up in a PRU & in the social system loop but some fly. Those some are lucky enough to be fostered by families who care & end up as the first in three generations owning their own home. Ah, helped with money earned from this is one of the only sources of income in rural communities..........So they need ALL the help farming can give then, NOT slagging off & dismissing:banghead:
  14. No I am not re writing newspaper articles. Now let me be clear I am not talking about women who have had a long term relationship breakdown, been widowed (and started a new relationship and family for example) or suffering from mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction etc. I am talking about the mentally sane ones who just lack any sense of personal responsibly and thankfully they are in the minority.
  15. Ray996

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    Fkn disgrace ,why should working people subsidise these scrounging lazy barstewards
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    West Wales
    To each unmarried mother, there is a Dad - do they even attempt to pay? Easy to blame the mothers, but the Dads are equally to blame (I paid attention in biology lessons ;)).
    If you have a mortgage and fall on hard times, the powers that be no longer pay the interest. This means you will lose your home in double quick time, and have to rent, at twice the price of the interest on the mortgage, but the DSS do pay rent. Go figure!
    Having paid my morgage with an interest rate of 17.5% at one time, I wonder how many could afford this now, and how many people could be homeless.
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  17. Ray996

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    Its called spam valley
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  18. Massey Holland

    Midlands Ireland
    The problem here in Ireland seems to have stemed from the boom,where ordinary people earning average wages were allowed to borrow well beyond there means to buy houses.
    There debt level has made them numb to borrowing levels,the mentality of someone who has a 300k mortgage seems to be ,what's another 30 K for a car,?
    Most have got sucked into a "keeping up with the jones's " way of thinking.
    When I was young ,there was a car for the doctor ,solicitor,a car for the nurse,teacher,a car for the bank manager etc,now it seems that if you work in the local shop,then if you want the car of a bank manager then you can have it.IMO you can if you can afford it while living comfortably ,with the ability of saving a few bob for a rainy day,in most cases people can't,you borrow more on the rainy day.This begs the question,what will happen?
    I have always believed that you borrow on your worst year and not your best ,common opinion seems to be you borrow on your neighbours best year.
    As for PCP,I think it's a means of someone who cannot afford a new car ,of getting a new car,but hey they still can't afford a new car.
    In Ireland insurance companies are refusing to insure older cars,so people have to toddle out and buy a new car,head to Germany and go into the staff car park ,and it will be full of 10 year old plus,cars,and we are buying the new ones that they are making,something very wrong with that picture me thinks.
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  19. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    Hard working = Penalized
    Waste of Space = Rewarded
    Mad ?
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  20. Name the father, no name , no snip for dad, then benefit!!!:sneaky:;):LOL:
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