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    Derbyshire Dales
    When i went out blockading with farmers for action,police let us block for about 2 hours,if their were big numbers of farmers say 50+, if its only 10 we would do 10 mins.... diffrent rules for this lot.......!
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    I do a lot of haulage into and out of the Morrisons Bridgwater site. Fortunately I wasn't working when the blockade happened.

    I was working the next day and saw the huge numbers of truckers who had been forced to sleep in their trucks overnight as they couldn't get on. Some had to spend 45hrs there.

    I was utterly disgusted with the behaviour of the farmers. Millionaire business owners forcing working men to have an unplanned night away from their families to make a point. There was no requirement to blockade. The farmers could have dumped milk on their farms and protested the demo without blocking the road.

    Had I been working that day I'd have driven through the blockade, over farmers if necessary.
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  3. unlacedgecko

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    I've no problems with vegans. I've no problems with protests.

    I've a problem "direct action" which is basically a codeword for criminality.

    There's no need to flatten the guy at 50kph. Just stick it into 1st and roll forward at 3mph. I've seen policemen and soldiers do it often enough when dealing with hostile crowds.

    You may have spoken to caring vegans who are doctors and nurses. However vegans can also be violent extremists, like the two who beat unconscious the MFH in Wiltshire. Joey Carbstrong is a vegsn member of the save movement. He's also a violent criminal with convictions for illegal firearms.

    The fact there is yet to be a violent incident at these protests will be of scant comfort to the farmer or haulier who is injured in the first attack.
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    Its broad daylight, the vegans are videoing the whole incident so doubt they will try to murder the tractor driver, there will be abattoir security staff present. The abattoir will have their cctv pointed at the entrance gates. I don't know where the threat is to the farmer? he is inside a tank of a tractor, the protestors are unarmed, wearing hi viz and carrying phones

    As I said I am not a fan of vegans, but folk can't just drive into people they disagree with. I honestly think if the tractor had been driven by someone 10 years older and more mature this would have never happened.

    The incident has a guilty plea for dangerous driving written all over it.
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    Stand in the middle of the road, and you can expect to get run over.
    Come to a stop, and you could expect cab doors to be flung open, and confrontation to take place.
    I wouldn't stop.

    The only mystery is, where are the police, and why weren't these clowns arrested ?
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    You are 33 I think you are referring to the two soldiers in NI I have not checked the dates but were you born then?
  7. unlacedgecko

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    It happened in March 88. I was 3.

    Still and video footage from the incident were used extensively to brief new arrivals into Northern Ireland during Op BANNER. Its given as an example of what not to do.

    I was 24 when 4 soldiers were shot collecting pizza outside their barracks. 2 died. No one has yet been convicted for this attack.

    And the relevance of my age is?
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    You said you recalled it happening I looked at your age wondered if you were born then,I could remember it on a day we were sowing so late March early April and where I was when the news came over the tractor radio.
    Just to clear up any point of my support for the military I think that the government and courts treatment of our service personnel is nothing short of a national disgrace
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    Big plus 1

    If the CPS decide to charge or the Police decide to open up historical cases; the first person to be held to account should be the Home Secretaries and Defence Minister at the time if still alive and the current officeholders. I bet that would get a few decisions over-turned sharpish

    I don't sit comfortably with the IRA / Loyalist terrorist amnesties but I suppose if it did lead to peace it may have been a necessary evil but how distasteful to then have a retrospective go at British Army soldiers (retired) who were there on behalf of all of us
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  10. Strangely the guy in the hi vis didn’t stand in front on the way out.:rolleyes:
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  11. unlacedgecko

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    Like most bullies, if you see make it clear you are not to be messed with, they keep clear.
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  12. I think it was a bit silly what the tractor driver did, but how do these protesters get away with it?

    If I was stood in the road stopping traffic somewhere so I could look inside vehicles I'd soon be arrested!?
  13. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    He did do wrong, he braked.
  14. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    Or run over, only need splatter the first one or two the rest would soon get the message.
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    Obviously there were not police at this event. I have endured this for 2 years now. It is always notified and police are always present - signs out in road etc. Any driver that does anything soon gets a telling off (not right in most cases but I just stay quiet and get on with the job in hand - just not worth it). 40-50 protesters present last week. As it's always a notified protest you can go on a different day which most do but I'm not rearranging my week for them. They are welcome to their views but I find it sad so many are now so disconnected from the land and farming. One was knocking on my window saying they were in talks with defra to subsidise all livestock farmers to go arable - that made me roll my eyes and chuckle.
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