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Discussion in 'Pictures & Videos' started by Samcowman, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Lorry load of Exlana ewes and rams hit Switzerland for their new home in the Alps

    swiss 4.jpg swiss 5.jpg
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    433C4D56-06C5-4121-8A24-43EEF2CF3EC2.jpeg How does a White Galloway cow crossed with a Whitebred Shorthorn bull end up with a black calf. Still chuffed and surprised, well done Two Mills Joanna @JP1
    Salt and Pepper twin heifer Blue Grey calves
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    ZumerZet Somerset
    20180520_112226.jpg This lamb couldn't wait till mum had finished having her hair cut for a drink
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    IMG_9920.JPG IMG_9923.JPG IMG_9917.JPG

    Rachel's neighbours' cattle. Some
    Pretty strong Herefords

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    Lambs staring to finish nicely at last. Hot humid weathers not helping mind....

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    A nice picture taken on farm the other day, looking forward to sharing some details on our new project with you all soon. Screenshot_20180601-172739.jpg
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    Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 22.21.34.png
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    Northern Ireland
    The Galloway is more impressive(y)
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    Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 22.26.54.png
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    ZumerZet Somerset
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    Been evading me for 8 weeks now ----last of the lambs tagged & quads to boot
    Grass only ---
    She reared 1 as a ewe lamb, 1 as a yearling and now this ----
    2018 quads.jpg
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    IMG_20180624_090417.jpg IMG_20180624_090137.jpg Cattle are thriving in this weather. Told them not to eat this too quickly though as silage fields hardly grown in the 3 weeks since they were cut.
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    Alberta, Canada
    Not really taken as a livestock shot. Although I do like the colouring of the mongrel calf as he's changing :LOL: Was just taking photos of whoever was standing in a good spot for a shot with the clouds.

    But since it's a livestock thread... Calf was born end of February. Bull is a Hereford, Cow is Jersey x Highland (see, mongrel). He's really darkening up in the last month. Despite his initial Hereford colouring he inherited black skin from his mom. Found this out when I castrated him and his nut sack was black with red hair :ROFLMAO: Be interesting to see how dark he really goes.

    Johnny Cash and storm.jpg
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