Load sensing hydraulic couplers?


Just bought an used forage wagon, and need to connect to the blanked off load sensing connections. Is there a recognised common standard? So that my wagon/ tractor would be instantly compatable with others. I'm guessing it's a 3/4" female for the return.1/2" female for the pressure connection.. and 3/8 or1/4 " for the load sensing pipe? Thanks


Dutch biblebelt
The sensing line is a smaller size then the normal couplers on a tractor, otherwise I have seen plenty different couplers. I have one second hand tractor that already had 3/4 inch couplers so I stuck with that.
If I had to start again I would use the same couplers as my contractor. So if you share machines with someone who already uses LS I'd go with that. Otherwise, go for 3/4 inch couplers and don't get the same for pressure and return (like female for pressure and male for return so you can't mix them up).

Jim B

Theres no set standard, things seem to vary a bit. However, normally on new machines I have seen;

1/2" in male pressure
3/4" female return
3/8" male load sensing

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