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    Scum bags removed lock from a field gate ,drove along grass track over bridge into further field, drove along my ELS strip ( will I be penalised by RPA if they find out (oops, should not put this on here then)) Into wheat and turned around in wheat. Must have been a highish vehicle with a wide track.Friday/Saturday night. Reported it to Police, appeared intertested,Theft of lock,criminal damage to wheat. Nowt will come of it as with the dozens of other incidents I have reported. can only hope it adds up their crime rate.
    Whether they were looking for Deer or eyeing up neighbours sheep will not know.
  2. Wouldn’t worry about it. It’s like a war here at night time. Wheelings in most fields and margins. When crops are low enough there are numerous gangs round nearly every every night. Mainly after deer.
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    What is your location ? it would help .
  4. Notts. It should say it with my name if on pc.
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    Same here looking at pics you must be local to retford

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