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    Hi all

    Been thinking about putting up some log cabins to walkers/holiday makers etc, whats the craic with planning etc where do i buy a good quality one ? anyone here got them , what's the profits like and how long to pay off the investment ???
  2. They are the same as normal houses really.

    You can apply for a mobile home liscense or try and get planning for holiday chalets buts it's not that easy.

    Returns wise, depends what you can get from them.

    I built two 3 beds for long term let's 8 yrs ago, paid for themselves in yr 6/7 I think. They let easy and need little maintance. I bought them n kit form from Western logs in s wales, lots about to choose from.
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    West Northants
    We bought ours from a company that eventually became Nordic Log. I can't vouch for the company as we've not dealt with them since the change of name and owner but the product they are importing is very good. We were able to get RDPE funding to help with the build costs and payback was very quick.
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    Just an observation but It seems there are "log cabins" and mobile homes that can look like "log cabins" , i assume the latter may be easier to get planning for may be cheaper and quicker to install , Are almost certinley not as good as proper log cabin . BUT from a money making perspective may or may not be better .

    It depends to some degree on who your clientel is likley to be my guess would be 80% or more of the public would not no the differnace, the luxury end might and may pay a premium for the real thing , but alot of the big hoiday park operators seem to be selling "log cabin accomdation" that is really double width mobile homes clad in wood .
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    True, it really comes down to your market. If your location sells your bed spaces for you then you're lucky and guests will probably compromise a bit more; around here we have to offer something equal to or better than their own house in order to stand out from competition. Space seems to be a big consideration for families when there isn't the draw of a beach or similar near by, both internal and also outside too. That said the rates being charged by some glamping sites etc are eye-watering so it's not a golden rule at all.

    The mobile home types can be very good, generally though they have considerably less insulation (as they have to meet lower specs than a "proper" build meeting building regs) and so can cost quite a bit more to run through the cooler months. They also have width and length restrictions so occupancy can be limited by bed spaces. That said the designers are very good at making use of every last inch of space and even if doing a proper build it's worth visiting a show home to see how they manage to do so.

    They can have a brick skirt or similar round the bottom etc to improve their appearance too but they will always have to be removable, so you've not got the advantage of an extra dwelling on your property. Many have used this route in the past to create holiday lets which they can't (don't try to) let and then go for change of use as historically it has been seen as an easier way of getting planning permission.
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    It will be much easier to get planning if you opt for cabins that qualify as a mobile home. Alternatively, something on wheels such as a shepherd's hut, or if you want something a little more exciting, someone like Plain Huts or The Welsh Den Company.
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    Very nice straight talking chap, who i found out doesnt live to far from me! He was incredibly helpful over the phone.
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  8. Mine are defined as mobiles but built as permanent.

    2 ridge beams set it apart amongst others.

    Planning is your issue, work out what you can get then spec accordingly
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