Log splitter- tractor powered to pto conversion

Bury the Trash

Mixed Farmer
When i did mine .i used rams out of an old dustbin lorry ,all on 3/4 jic , so quite big bore , rams are quite big barrels ,with big rods so return side dont take much oil ,
its a horizontal can put 30 inch rings on it and upto 2 ft deep , blade is inch plate ,with a full width cutting blade out of 500 hardox machined to make a blade ,and 3 at 90 degrees to it , so it cuts a slice as big as you want and then splits it in three ,have 2 rams if need more grunt havea 3 rd ram piped in with taps , so more push down ,😳😳and lifts on the middle one making it quicker ,
have a electic solenoid valve which is foot operated ,as a safety valve only works if foot on valve ,and pull lever away ,to go down ,
not for the faint hearted , but not stopped it yet and will cross cut 10/12 inch , but logs fly and that is scary
just run off spool ,so will follow what you end up doing as pto ,maybe better and use older tractor
yours sound like that ozzies one:D
my engineering is only lightweight, in comparison but it works and suits , its based onb a well modified french splitter which i cant remember the name of . i bought yrs ago.
1000 pto if got it and run on tick over for pump , on a non deprieciating tractor ,than using r series stood revving at 1200 to get oil supply ,
for me, the amount of log splitting I do to supply just myself would not warrant the work/expense involved in making a log splitter, but if you have a serious amount of logs to split I can see the 1000 pto speed argument.


Anyone converted one to electric? Is it even possible?
Working under a lean with engine running all day and the wind in the wrong direction isn’t nice!
Can you get an electric motor to power a hydraulic pump?

Mr Happy

Yes you will need a 7.5Kw 3 phase electric motor, a bell housing and drive coupling plus a 16cc gear pump. Much quieter than a tractor running all day.


Why make one.
This is already made,
And available


Anyone converted one to electric? Is it even possible?
Working under a lean with engine running all day and the wind in the wrong direction isn’t nice!
Can you get an electric motor to power a hydraulic pump?
Easily. I replaced an 8HP gas engine with a 3 HP electric, could have used 2 as the electric is half the speed. Even at 3,600RPM a 3HP electric motor will have enough torque and power factor to run the same pump as a 5 or 8HP gas engine. If you want it to be fast, be sure to get a two stage hydraulic pump made for log splitters, it kicks into low speed for hard knots but runs faster for most of the time.


I’ve got a kubota engine, hydraulic pump (Rex Roth I think) hydraulic tank and fuel tank, came off a scissor lift, was planning on putting it on a log splitter.
Didn’t do it in the end as one of my friends got a processor, does all of my wood now.
Available if anyone is interested.

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