Long forgotten Livestock Marts


My first two years of Grammar school were spent trudging up and down that hill at Fellside and past the mart, before moving up to the the high school at the far end of the town.
Rickerbys and Hubbucks are now near the new mart, down next to the Tyne.
It's a much better location for space, parking etc, although it does flood on occasion! :rolleyes:
Which years did you go? I went 70-75.
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I can only remember been in bottom mart once with my dad buying dairy cows , iirc it was a different company at one time or am I wrong ?
I washed and sold a fair few milking heifers in there in my youth. The "Irish" ring was on that side as well,although i cant remember much of it. @upnortheast might know more of the history when it was Ivesons.
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Viewers of Long Forgotten Markets might be interested in my collection of market photos from the 1970s and 80s - various markets mostly now gone. Also some photos of current markets in operation. https://www.flickr.com/photos/john_arc-images/collections/72157659872542003/
Super photos

Understandably they are copyright but you might like to share some of the 70s/80s ones that I'm a moderator for on this Farming history group


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