Long haired Border collie wanted


I presume by now you have found your forever friend
I am sadly having to rehome my gorgeous boy. He was a rescue who was found abandoned. He hates being indoors and probably lived outside as he loves his kennel outside. He is definitely a one person dog. I have to be honest he has bitten me a few times, it is fear aggression. Outside he is brilliant, he loves other dogs, loves his ball, is well trained but is not suited to being cooped indoors. My dream would be for him to live a farm life, with one owner who would be dedicated to.


Hi BevsyDee, thank you for your post. No not yet. I keep thinking I am ready to get another companion but to be honest with you I am not yet over the grieving process. I know , I'm a 55 Yr old guy but I miss him terribly. He was my life for 10 hrs.
Hi I rehoming my 1 year old border collie however I'm based in Merseyside.
This is a heartbreaking decision that has taken a long time and we have exhausted all means to help and provide her with what she deserves.
The cat simply won't take to her and keeps trying to attack her. She is a nervous wreck around her and she just isn't get the exercise walks runs she needs due to starting a new job .
She is absolutely beautiful and adores people , maybe too much . She does need training on leash as she pulls but 9nce off lead she will not run away if u throw her ball as she returns it to u everytime with out command

Let me.know if you would be considering rehoming as it's a matter of urgency at the moment. She just seems so sad at the moment ands it breaking my heart for her. She needs alot of love amd attention .
She gives soany cuddles as well .


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Five nature-recovery projects spanning 100,000ha launched

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Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland

Five nature-recovery projects spanning nearly 100,000ha across the West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, the Peak District, Norfolk and Somerset have been announced by the government and Natural England today (Thursday, May 26).

This is the equivalent in size to all 219 current National Reserves.

The aim of the projects is to deliver nature recovery at a landscape scale, helping to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and improve public health and well-being.

All five projects will make a significant contribution towards the national delivery of the international commitment to protect at least 30% of land and...