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    We are looking at a straw powered boiler 995kw to provide heat for grain drying, workshops and a house on site. The above would all be in the same yard. However there’s a cottage the business owns that’s 1500ft away from where the boiler would sit. Is it viable to think of connecting it on. The requirement of the house is about 60,000 kWh from a loose verbal check so would need surveying properly but it just seems silly not connecting it if it’s viable but what size pipe would be needed for a 1500ft run?
  2. Hi, where abouts in the world are you?

    1500 ft is about 454 metres. That is pushing it a bit I would have said. do you have any other buildings between the two which you will heat, you can piggy back off them?

    at that range you will need a big pump and the resistance will be high, 60,000 kwh doesn't sound like massive amount - if you look at it from a pay back perspective. Its not great to join pipes underground but it can and has been done before.
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    Hi, Andrew from Manco here. We have several Linka straw boilers set up as your suggesting, one has approx 2000m pipe run. Give me a call and we can discuss the boiler and the heating side, as above said 500m of pipe and the payback will take a while, but it will pay back. 07507 562 954.
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    Fill this out and it’ll tell you temperature loss from Source to unit.
  5. My calculations for a cottage on our farm had the power for pumping exceeding the energy consumption of the cottage (which is well insulated)

    Also, pipe losses £6 per year for 1 metre of pipe (at about 3p/KWh)
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