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Hey! Not to bad thank you! Unfortunately I had to sell my McCormick and then got offered more money than I baught it for on 8340. So atm have been idle. But have been busy with a local turf farm driving HGV's and also working on the farm side if needs be. I also have another permanent contract at another farm up the road from the turf farm as a harvest job! Have been helping out for the past 3 years now. Money is starting to build again now so have got a few ideas of what I want to do. Getting a tractor again is deffo on my list but that won't happen for a while. I have been given a load of HGV work if I had my own rig set up so have been going down that route! Waiting till harvest is out the way then will be hunting for an artic. Sorry I haven't posted much on here guys but time seems to slip away from me! Hope all is well!!!
Hi@ mums-son-Aaron
Good to hear you are doing well
Do you mind me asking why you sold the McCormick.
Pm if you would rather
How’s you mum getting on
Hi Asm! No not at all! i really wanted to keep the McCormick and its a shame i did let her go as she was brilliant! at the time i had just got work at a dairy and unfortunately she was a but to big for are barns and even some gateways! i had wanted and 8340 from the get go so decided to see if anyone was interested in my McCormick. about a week later a chap from another dairy up the road from me at the time had a Mx135 and was interested in the Case In Drag!. she was sold on to a better home as they still use her today! i got the 8340 as i was ment to be at the dairy permanently and would help out with my own tractor. Unfortunately about 4 weeks on i started to get pushed out of the farm and they decided to let me go. (would like to point out nothing i had done was wrong, and im not a lazy worker =P ).
As for my mum she is doing very well thank you. both of us are just taking each day as it comes for the mean time!
Hope you're well!


Hi Aaron
It’s a shame you got pushed out. ( your mum said you are a hard worker )
It sounds like you doing very well without them.
Please give my best wishes to your mum.

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