looking for info on how the Arable Area Aid scheme worked 20 years ago

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    Hi All
    I would like to pick the brain of anyone who has a full working knowledge of how theses old subsidy quotas worked, in particular what would have happened when arable land that had been used to claim arable aid subsidies was sold. Was the quota attached to the land or did it remain the property of the previous farmer and so their's to move to another piece of land.
    Any information will be greatly received
  2. Goweresque

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    North Wilts
    Are you talking about IACS? If so arable subsidies went with the land in that scheme. There were no entitlements or quotas for arable land, whoever was farming the land claimed the money, whether tenant or owner occupier.
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    AAAP was along with Sheep and Suckle Cow Premiums merged into with ICAS to produce an Entitlement in later years relavant to your ring fence area eg Welsh Lowland , less Favoured ,English ,Scotish etc.etc and therefore a final value.
    These were or are tradeable .
    Milk Quotas merged in also .
    But at that time pre 1992/94 think ? , it was an area payment on that land so if sold and new buyer grew applicable qualifying arable crops they could claim it .
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  4. glasshouse

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    there were no entitlements on arable until 2005
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  5. Red Fred

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    Probably still got all the MAFF guide books about it knocking round in the office somewhere. Might be a bit too early to have put them online but might be worth a Google to see how it worked..
  6. Goweresque

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    North Wilts
    I'm glad I'm not the only one with MAFF (remember them) paperwork sat in a filing cabinet from nearly 30 years ago!
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  7. Still Farming

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    We all keep crap don't we ?
  8. Goweresque

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    Its not crap if you can wave it at a Defra employee (who probably wasn't born when it was written) one day to prove you were right about something!
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  9. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    Rules change .
    Not always in "our favour" but I know what you mean.
    We are all the same.
    Often open draw / cabinet and reminiscent recall those old machines etc.in old leaflets,British farmer and stockbreeder , ADAS ,FW ,
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  10. Brisel

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    Arable IACS was not a tradeable item until the Single Payment Scheme came into being in 2005, later succeeded by Basic Payment Scheme. As above, the livestock headage quotas could be traded.
  11. farmerphilly

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    Does anyone remember the criteria for arable land! I wonder how many acres have been ploughed out of grass since!

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