Looking for organic cereal feed for poultry DIRECT from FARMER

I have about 15 hens in my care which I love dearly.
I'm looking to improve their nutrient intake because they've started dying recently with no symptoms and I believe they have some deficiency problems.
Would like to get my hands on some good quality cereals and seeds for them, preferably organic. Maybe someone is raising mealworms as well?
Am looking for: triticale, corn, sunflower seeds, millet and anything else one might have.
Am living in Buckinghamshire, at the border with Oxfordshire and would like to get in touch with some local/nearby farmer to purchase these from.
I found nothing on the internet, so I'm throwing this message into the universe, maybe.... just maybe... I can get some references?
IMO if you think there is an issue with their nutrition your best bet would be to buy a good quality layers pellet from an agricultural merchant. This will have been carefully formulated to provide all the nutrients your hens will need.

You may hit lucky with a handfull of all the things you mention above but it would be all guess work.

Have you spoken to a vet, they could be dying because of a parasite or some type of infection.

There is a thread just below this on feed for laying hens which may be of interest

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