loss of some feeling in legs cold feet more at night

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by JD-Kid, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. JD-Kid

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    any one. had these probs
    cold feet legs
    numbness from lower back area to feet
    sore ankles and joints

    had car crash years ago and. damaged back 1985 also have. prolapsed disc in neck

    do get some back pains no and then going in to hip area but dose not. have the numbness. at that time but last while been getting. very cold feet/legs yet feel warm to touch and maybe 1/2 feeling in legs

    2 years + ago. sugar levels a bit high but dropped out most of added sugar in foods and not a big sweet eater blood pressure. is high will on some days set off the machine at doctors

    do have high stress and have top end of minor to lower major depression

    am seeing doctor today as pain was. so bad last night

    seems worse at night but can also be colder temps then
  2. farmerm

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    My mother has Peripheral neuropathy which shares you symptons of cold legs and numbness.
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  3. JD-Kid

    JD-Kid Member

    yea dose make me wonder if it's a nerve thing with the. damage in spine area
    used to get numb hands. driving years ago. but thought it was. from vibrations off road. in steering wheel yet. did not get it from chainsaws only found out about neck disc with having a MRI for headache pains
  4. Dry Rot

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    I did my back years ago tying to separate two fighting dogs. Kicked and missed. Leg went up and I heard a click. Six weeks in hospital and an op for 'decompression'.

    One of the symptoms was a "hot foot". My left foot felt very hot and was extremely sensitive to touch. Not sure if that would be the same thing. So, yes, pressure on the spinal cord can create wierd sensations. I still get cramps regularly.

    INSIST on seeing a neurosurgeon. Doctors get so many complaining of back problems they sometimes suffer from occupational deafness. Refuse to leave the surgery until you've been promised an appointment.

    Incidentally, I now have an electric heat pad that I use occasionally. It is brilliant! It's a small electric blanket about 2' square just for the feet. Highly recommended.
  5. jade35

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    S E Cornwall

    Also ask Doctor for vit and min blood test, Vit B12 can cause various symptoms if low etc..
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  6. JD-Kid

    JD-Kid Member

    seen doc
    got poked and pin pricks did not realy find out much but he's going to keep looking in to it

    did a full range of bloods so will be a few days. maybe need to be on same program as ewes are on HAHAHA

    will know more once doc thinks more on it and bloods back
  7. Woolgatherer

    Woolgatherer Member

    I have arthritis in my spine and sometimes I get tingling down my legs and a numb patch , usually my right thigh, I put it down to a knackered back. My feet are always cold so I haven't noticed any difference there - that's what husbands and hot water bottles are for!
  8. JD-Kid

    JD-Kid Member

    ummmm not. sure on getting a husband but if you think it will help
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  9. nelson

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    hi i have a disc problem in my kneck between c5 c6 i get funny things going on at times in my legs and hands arms at times. i just have to watch what im doing not to upset it to much its a pain in the ass not being able to do what you want
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  10. It is quite common for older people to lose some sensation and even circulation to the extremities with increasing age, this may be exacerbated by other conditions or factors such as smoking. Pins and needle type sensation and cold or numb areas should be investigated by a doctor I would say to rule out anything more sinister.
  11. Dry Rot

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    My bad back affected heat sensation in my left foot. It's called a "hot foot", though can feel cold too.

    Lieing in hospital, I couldn't even bear the sensation of bedding on my foot. Of course, the first thing visiting doctors would do was grab my foot! That used to make me hit the ceiling!

    Forty years later it is still not right but you learn to manage it. If your urine flow stops, see your doctor at once. And if you can't get to see him, call NHS24. That can be dangerous.

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