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    A very strong clean trade. Increased buying support present. Best cattle easiest sold again. Bulls more difficult however. Plenty of good bulls on offer and if we are honest we could have dealt with some more Friesians. Again it is meat at a price. Prices were as follows:-

    MEDIUM STEERS: Best quality to 239.0p av. 227.4p; Standard quality to 194.5p av. 192.3p; Also rans to 184.5p;

    Overall average 2195.7p.

    HEAVY STEERS: Best quality to 227.5p av. 212.3p; Standard quality to 194.5p av. 192.3p; Also rans to 186.5p;

    Overall average 193.2p.

    LIGHT HEIFERS@ Standard quality to 204.5p av. 204.5p; Overall average 204.5p

    MEDIUM HEIFERS: Best quality to 224.5p av. 218.0p; Also rans to 184.5p; Overall average 192.4p

    HEAVY HEIFERS: Best quality to 243.5p av. 220.5p; Standard quality to 206.5p av. 200.2p; Also rans to 189.5p;

    Overall average 204.4p.

    LIGHT BULLS: To 176.0p average 164.1p

    MEDIUM BULLS: To 218.5p average 185.6p

    HEAVY BULLS: To 233.5p average 198.1p

    Another strong trade. Starting to get plenty of plain cows in the entry as one would expect with the keep situation as it is.

    Prices were as follows:-

    Grade 1 Cows to 165.5p av. 156.5p

    Grade 2 Cows to 144.5p av. 140.2p

    Grade 3 Cows to 133.5p av. 128.6p

    Grade 4 Cows to 119.5p av. 95.8p

    Old Bulls to 115.5p av. 107.5p

    Overall Average 110.6p
    FINISHED SHEEP – 3,741
    A lamb trade which is under pressure. That’s understandable with the weather as it is. Lambs starting to lose their back and meat is at a marked premium. Prices were as follows:-

    Light Lambs to 188.0p av. 187.1p

    Standard Lambs to 225.0p av. 202.9p

    Medium Lambs to 224.5p av. 198.1p

    Heavy Lambs to 206.0p av. 198.6p

    Overweight Lambs to 185.0p av. 185.0p

    Export quality lambs sold up to 255.5p per kilo and averaged 213.1p per kilo and home trade lambs sold up to 198.5p per kilo and averaged 193.8p per kilo.

    Killing ewes were again sold to an excellent trade with big strong ewes selling very well.

    More ewes needed each and every week.

    Ewes topped at £146.00 and averaged £70.99.

    Rams selling to £129.00 and averaging £90.57.

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