Machinery Masterclass – Full control of a capable performer



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There’s an impressive level of features and automation on a modern self-propelled harvester, and Grimme’s aimed to bring it all smartly under control with its new Varitron Platinum range. CPM heads to the Yorkshire Wolds for a detailed look. Everything on the Varitron is hydraulically driven and can be adjusted from the cab through the Ergodrive unit. By Tom Allen-Stevens You’d have thought a machine the size of Grimme’s Varitron 220 Platinum would need a headland the width of a football pitch to manoeuvre back into work. But operator Oli Brown deftly swings it through little more than a pirouette and lines it up for another run. “As big as it looks, it’s surprisingly easy to drive,” he says as he drops the diablos onto the next two ridges and sets off up the field. There’s no waiting for the trailer to line up, either, as the 2t buffer bunker begins to fill up. It takes little more than a pirouette to line up the Varitron 220 Platinum for another run. The harvester is a recent purchase for Yorkshire-based JSR Farming. In total the business has 198ha of potatoes, and it’s a 3.5ha crop of Mozart for seed that’s…
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