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On Countryfile this evening the machinery dealer from Shropshire suggested that sales were down by 40 - 50 % and that is an area where there are some of the most profitable farmers in the UK ( so we are lead to believe) . So what is happening in the less prosperous areas of the country ? We hear rumours of the main manufacturers stepping in to keep their dealers afloat (only rumours) it's not a happy situation.
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Canna see the manufacturers doing a great deal to help the dealers tbh if they do it will only be for there own advantage and the dealer will be paying for it for evermore! Machinery sales must be back but I think it will get worse before it gets better
I'm certainly not one of the big boys but here's my situation. Possibly more by luck than judgement, but last year I got to a stage where most machinery (and all the most important) was up to date with my rolling machinery plan. There are a few bits and pieces which could do with upgrading (new set of rolls being the next on the list) which would have been done over the next few years, but now I envisage the chequebook being well and truly closed for at least the next 3 years with regard to machinery purchases. Were the financials not so tight, I would have carried on with replacements to stay ahead of the game and allow me to weather any financial storm, which fortunately seems to be the position I'm in now.

It's been the saying in recent years that dealers rub their hands together when the SFP / BPS cheque comes in (or more likely IF, in the case of BPS) as everyone (well, not quite everyone) goes machinery shopping. Now that cash isn't being passed on the associated industries will struggle. It goes to show again that farming without subsidies, but with a fair price for our produce at the end of the day would help smooth this out a bit.
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First thing folks stop buying when money is tight is shiny metal.

And to be fair there has been a few good years recently where a lot of folks have reequipped. We certainly have.

Look on dealers websites a lot of stuff has been kicking around for some time now. The pound/euro situation hasn't helped either.

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You are not the only one @Jim Bullock , here a £1000 purchase of a 2nd hand piece of scrap (sorry vital implement) has to be costed very carefully here! If money was not a problem I would be buying one of your reasonably priced cultivators (y)


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I did my end of year (2015 - 2016) last week. Last year was painful - I had no idea it had been so tight. It started so well in the first quarter, too :unsure: The OH is at home looking after our baby, which means I'm the sole earner. Glad I didn't order that new pickup! :eek:

It helps that I have no debt whatsoever. If the job gets worse, I can just sell up and go back to pulling teats or pulling pints (or more likely, both).


On the up side, it should mean more service, repair and refurb work for those that have the ability.

people are tending keeping stuff longer I find, but I don't think the main dealers are getting any more of the servicing and repair work due to this? partly cause people cant afford to pay main dealers service prices so they are looking else were for independents or doing jobs themselves.


Bucking this trend we have just had a new tractor delivered, we're milking cows and struggling like hell.

But the finance payments including a 5 year warranty are less than the repair bills on average over the last 2 years on the previous one.

We can stand fixed payments we can't stand suprise large repair bills.


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At least one dealer not so far from us has invested in a decent pencil sharpener and started slashing prices.

Won't be long before a few more follow suit if prices don't improve.


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I spoke to a rep this morning when I was collecting sone pipe. Just done the year end and was better than expected. Not expecting this year to be the same. He did shoot off because someone walked into his office wanting to spend money.



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If an average dealer's 2nd hand 5 yr old tractor with 5000 hours is 100 now, what will the price be in 6 months' time?

Up as the demand for used climbs because folks keep hold of their's

Down because dealers will have to take their medicine

About the same?


Some dealers are great but some just don't help themselves.Were looking to change our combination drill and have recently demoed three different makes..Ive rung the one salesman several times for a price to change,but despite promising to ring back each time,he doesn't.A quick call to say he hadn't got round to it would at least keep us informed.We are cash buyers too,
We need the dealers as much as they need us and it would be a sad day if some were to close their doors for the last time.

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