Massey 390 doors


Cork Ireland
Hi all,
A neighbour is refurbishing a black cab 390 and is looking for a set of doors complete with glass.Are the doors on the black cab the same as the later grey cabs?
A search online shows a complete grey door from MF is £1032 and just the door frame only is £125 plus vat from Agriline. Does anyone know of another supplier doing a complete door for a more reasonable price? Thanks


needing doors for our 362, really just the frame, Going to go the Agriline way when i get around to it. Nearly fell over when i got a price from our mf dealer!


The same frame, but the grey ones have glass to the bottom and the black ones have metal for the bottom 10" or so, got one of each on our 390.

Dry Rot

I phoned the manufacturer of the complete doors in Ireland who told me they would only supply through their retailers, adding, "Why don't you get the old ones repaired?"

That prompted me to phone around local car body repairers and two indicated that they could probably do the job but I would need to bring them in (I'd sent photos to both repairers). One asked if I thought I would be able to get the doors off OK, so that may be a problem?

Haven't got around to doing anything about it yet, but it is a thought.


Get them repaired. you can still get glass no problem but can't get the rubber to hold it in.the rubber in mine is not too good, so I glued it in
The rubber seal is still available but is expensive at around £140+vat from agriline! In the process of re glazing one at the moment. Managed to bust the new bottom piece though whilst fitting.


I would have thought the frames are different , the black cabs are early and I think it's a Duncan cab , also not sure about hi line and low line cabs
LoLine and HiLine cabs are the same structure just different finish specs/options I think. The black cabs have slightly different fixings for the rear window glass and shorter bottom door glass.


Are you working with agriline doors as well ? Id be interested to here how they fit the 362 here is getting a bit moth eaten
No. I have repaired the bottom of the original door. Using the original glass seal also. Have seen on here somewhere that the agriline doors are not a good fit. They may have addressed this issue by now though. Their MF 300 series replacement mirror arms are not the best fit either - the bolt holes are slightly off.

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