Matt Baker,Countryfile


Watched Cefn Gwlad with subs last night, far better than Countryfile. Highland x cows on Maerdy mountain with Angus calves going through their shop in one of the old industrial units in Treorchy.

You know you're in the right place when the advert breaks were for Rumevite and BVD testing 😂
Ffermio tonight at 9 on S4C. (y)(y)


Livestock Farmer
Tbf, it was very very comfy.
Never seen a £4k mattress before, that wouldn't help me sleep
Bet it would have if the one doing the dragging had brought it then shown you the bill as you'd either be under heavy sedation or have had a heart attack


And you do?
How do you define hard work? Sitting on a tractor for several hundred hours per year, milking 150 cows through an old parlour on your own, chasing sheep on a hillside, mucking out calf pens with a dung fork, sitting in a farm office making strategic decisions? We don't really know what makes up an average day for anyone out of our own circle.
I don't do any of the afore mentioned, I am a lazy [email protected]


Livestock Farmer
Is he not a tenant farmer that has seen business opportunities?
He is actually a nice person, helped me when I was a kid and still remembers me and the misses when we see him, he always has a chat about what we are doing and shows a genuine interest witch is amazing considering the amount of people he must meet. I wouldn’t watch him on tv but that doesn’t make him a bad person. Also has a very good business what anyone would be proud of, and started a tenant farmer and some terrible cotswold ground.

Willie adie

Of course not. But I'm not the one commenting on his work.

Maybe it's just jealousy.
It's not jealousy, it's the lack of integrity he shows he fails to stand up for farming to the BBC he would sooner take thier money than stand up against the misinformation, and negative narrative and agenda that the BBC pedal.
It's his greed, the extortionate rate he demands for opening shows etc, his fame is funded by the licence fee payer, yet he has the f**king cheek to near Bankrupt shows and fairs, I thought he was a farmer and was sympathetic,
Also I don't like the way he is around women,
Now perhaps you class that as jealousy and that's fine.
But not with me.
The man is a twit and , I don't deny that I can also display rampant arseholity too on many occasions, so I'm not saying I'm any better

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