Maxxum vs MF 3120 vs NH 40 series

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Joe S, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Spent a week on a CS110 and dump trailer and it was unimpressive powerwise to to say the least and it was supposedly opened up to 150hp. Wasn't a bad thing to drive tho if I'm honest, visibility out the back wasn't that great. Will see if I have a pic of it
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  2. Yes a very capable machine a few problems is mainly with the multi function controller with wires breaking etc as its the gearstick as well
    Electric niggles etc zf backend and engines pulled well a good solid tractor
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  3. Wellytrack

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    CS 110's are 4 cylinder. Be very surprised if it was more than it's rated 113. 4 cylinder tech obviously wasn't what it was then, as it is now.
  4. Felt like 90hp, was nice to drive like
  5. Must admit I haven't seen one down here yet on the south East. Looks good to me tho! Still think I should stay blue tho atm =P but would love a case =)
  6. The steyrs are a good bus 6 speed with a 4 speed power shift and a pre select forward reverse the later1s had front suspension as an option
    Also a rear electric spool aswell as the normal lever 1s

    The older steyrs like the 8130s with mwms engines bomb proof nearly until neglected then costly to repair same with gearboxes.
    The only issue with the 81s was the brakes they were a dry external disc brake which required regular maintaince and was a fire hazard they had a front disc brake on the prop also
    A good solid tractor and something slightly diffrent aswell id have one in a flash
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  7. Drillman

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    North Yorkshire
    Ok let's look at this from a different angle. Joe is in the Orkneys am i right?

    What experience in repairing tractors is there up there? How easy is it to get parts etc. I know it's not timbuktu but it's not like round here either where main dealers are a stones throw away for all major brands.

    Whatever the local spannerman/ tractor seller specialises in is maybe the one to go for.

    Or maybe all brands are well catered for @Joe S ?
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  8. Wellytrack

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    Quite a heavy tractor for its power though, like the Case MX 80, 90 and MX100c, 4cylinder Perkins tractors, almost the same weight as the straight 6, and Turbo 6 tractors.
  9. Wellytrack

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    Which models used MWM engines?

    As far as I remember they were Daimler Steyr motors.
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  10. J 1177

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    Durham, UK
    Ugh those mx100c were useless. Lovely tractor to drive but couldnt pull the skin off a rice pudding.
  11. Sorry yes daimler in the 81s
    Mwms were in the early 90series i think and the 9 series
    This is testing my memory going back to when i was 14 now hahaha
  12. Wellytrack

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    Ah, your right there, 3 cylinder and 4 MWM, Perkins too! But around 95 on it was mostly SISU then.
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  13. fermerboy

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    The Orkneys are well catered for dealerwise by the main brands JD, MF, Case, NH all have dealers on the Orkney mainland I think.
    The Islands are not like the Western isles, with crofts and old small tackle.
    Not so much arable stuff but for grassland and livestock equipment it far in front of parts of the UK. At one time they had the highest amount of self propelled foragers per acre of the UK.
    Parts are the same as anywhere else with maybe an extra day required. They often get charged more on delivery though. Bloody Highlands and Islands surcharge.

    I think the lesser brands might be more problematic though.
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  14. Yea sisu later and quite smooth aswell sounded really soft over the mwms

    Are you bit of a steyr fan
    I know i have a soft spot for them
  15. seedman stains

    lost in france
  16. Wellytrack

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    I'm a geek. That's all you need to know! ;)
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  17. cfr1964

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    Was there an article about you in Classic Tractor years ago? With a Steyr you'd done up
  18. Dont think so
    Ive been in classic tractor and t+m a few times but i dont think with a steyr no
  19. cfr1964

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    Was years ago
    Maybe I've got it wrong, there was definitely a 390 and another thing we won't mention ;)
    Thing I definitely remember is the guy had a small dairy herd
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  20. Wiking

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    You got any photos of some Steyrs you've done your magic on @REStractorATION ?

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