Maxxum vs MF 3120 vs NH 40 series

Joe S

Ok let's look at this from a different angle. Joe is in the Orkneys am i right?

What experience in repairing tractors is there up there? How easy is it to get parts etc. I know it's not timbuktu but it's not like round here either where main dealers are a stones throw away for all major brands.

Whatever the local spannerman/ tractor seller specialises in is maybe the one to go for.

Or maybe all brands are well catered for @Joe S ?

Yup very good
John Deere have the best dealer by a long shot!
After that it's a toss up depending on out you like in my experience JD Massey case nh in the order but everyone has a different view

Joe S

Well theres your answer something from the deere stable. A 6400 or a nice 2850 or 3050?

Yup looking in to a 62/63/6400 or 62/63/6410
Dad seems to be warming to the idea of a 4cyl and the Deere has the nicest lift controls!
There what I drive at work and there my preference!
I've started another thread[emoji85]
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Mid Wales
Anyone seen the latest Classic Tractor mag? The Case 5150 and The NH 8340 they tested had very similar performance and neither tractor was significantly better than the other.Would have been nice to see how a Massey 3120 compared.

John 1594

You not read it yet then?

No, but a few people on here wanted the results kept quite until friday when the magazine is on the shop shelves

Myself, i wasnt expecting a huge difference and always expected a dead heat, its not wise to rile up supporters of one brand or the other when your chief aim is to sell magazines and make a profit

a dead heat means nothing either way, it can be argued about until the crows come home

i do notice the maxxum didnt have the benefit of a full stack of front end weights however....

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