McConnel hedger linkage mount set up

The background.
A man near me bought a 6565T in 2017. Used for a short week, then he fell ill and outfit got parked up. Sadly he passed away a couple of months later.
I have now purchased the hedger from the executors and picked it up today.

The question.
As the manual could not be found and l have no previous experience of McConnel machines l would appreciate if any experts here could advise me if l have it set up ok.
The pto shaft and toplink are level .
Is the pin in the elongated hole meant to be in the centre whether working or in transport ?
Is it better to have the linkage locked or active so it stays at same height and would you have the linkage suspension switched on or off ?
20191127_144640.jpg20191127_144514.jpg20191127_144440(0).jpg20191127_144533.jpg20191127_144725.jpg20191127_144611.jpg Many thanks.


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Middle of the slot.
I set height and let it maintain it.
Although for doing verges I lower the whole hedger slightly to tip it back a bit putting the head on its roller keeping the flails clear of the ground.
I also run with lift arms different lengths or it sits very drunk with the arm out.

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