McMurray Tractors NI


McMurray tractors are based in Hilsborough NI. Has anybody had dealings or know of them? We are interested in a tractor but would like to know a little about them before we go have a look. Tia


Mixed Farmer
Hear very good reports about them from people who have bought off them. Have been down myself looking at tractors and few times and they seem like down to earth folk
Are they the ones who also do engine work? If so they have some smart looking tractors for sale judging by the website pics.


I haven't bought from them myself as we normally buy new through Kennedys in Ballymena, but I have heard only good things about McMurray's. I would keep an eye on their stock just to keep an eye on values as they are one of few dealers who actually show their prices openly.



Bought this off them 3 years ago. Good blokes to deal with. Have never heard a bad report about them. All stuff is generally very tidy.

Paul is currently reconditioning my cylinder head. Some nice TM's in yard ATM.
Seriously nice lads to deal with tractors are 100% there's no crap talk with them there price is there price but it's usually well below anyone else's.
I'd highly recommend them best lads we ever dealth with


I think @Thomas5060 put an end to that wee fairytale quite nicely (y)

Spends most of his time sorting John Deere heads alright.

And some time also spent fitting new valves to Powerstar heads (as a precautionary measure) £400 to have head fully reconditioned, not a complete fortune and leaves you safe for another 8-10k hours. [emoji1303]

And to quote what Paul said to me. "Great bloody engine, as we are never in them"

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