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McVeigh Parker are one of the premier specialist agricultural and fencing product stockists in the UK.

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry and 8 depots nationwide covering the whole of the country, we have earned a reputation for innovation, expertise and competitive pricing. We hold over £8m of stock in our branches as far south as Devon and up into Scotland. This allows our customers to benefit from the economies of scale this brings, and means we offer short delivery times on most products.

Our innovation has been recognised in the multi award winning fencing product that we have developed called Triple X. This is an all steel system using a combination of the revolutionary Clipex quick clip steel post with Xfence stiffstay premium wire netting and all-steel strainers plus a choice of barbed, plain or electric wire. Triple X won a Gold Innovation award at this year’s LAMMA show in the NEC, the latest of 4 industry awards.

As well as a comprehensive range of fencing and farming equipment, we stock hundreds of different types of gate, water and fuel storage tanks, drainage, equestrian, tools and fixings and landscaping equipment. If we don’t have it in stock we are almost certainly able to source it for you at the most competitive price in the industry.


Our fencing stock ranges from our Triple X all steel system famous for its ease of use and longevity, to traditional timber fencing, electric fencing, wire and stock fencing as well as top quality security and domestic fencing.


We have thousands of gates in stock; domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural. Deer gates, farm gates, metal and wooden gates through to Right of Way gates. We also stock all the fittings that work across the whole range. Our gates are all top quality and give a high level of security.


We can supply you with a huge range of farming products including livestock handling equipment, feeders, drinking troughs, stokboard and harvest products.


We offer a selection of ground protection solutions, sleepers, roofing and products to enhance your garden. We also have temporary netting available to keep your project secure whilst it’s under construction. We offer products to help with projects such as riding arenas, yards, fields and tracks as well as play areas.

Storage Tanks:

We have a full range of domestic and commercial water and fuel tanks. Bunded oil storage and fuel dispensers, single skin tanks, sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

Tools and Fixings:

Fencing tools such as netting pliers, strainer clamps, wire pullers and tensioning products. Landscaping tools such as wheelbarrows and shovels, cutting and joining products such as Knipex wire cutters, Strainrite crimps, sleeves and Gripple wire joiners. Striking tools: Sledge hammers, shock hammers, petrol driven post drivers and log splitters. Netting clips, staples and staple guns.

Water and Drainage:

MDPE water pipes, water pipe fittings from Philmac, drainage pipe and accessories. We stock product for both commercial and domestic projects.


From stable mats to storage bins plus all the materials integral to the construction of a riding arena we stock high quality safe products all at competitive prices.

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Steve @ McVeigh

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Triple X Fencing System

Triple X is McVeigh Parker’s bespoke all steel fencing system consisting of the revolutionary Clipex quick clip post with Xfence stiffstay premium wire netting and all steel strainers designed by us and manufactured in Great Britain.

This system has won multiple industry awards including an innovation gold at LAMMA 2020.

  • Revolutionary all steel fencing system
  • Multi award winning
  • Guaranteed for 30 years
For more information go to:

McVeigh Parker

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McVeigh Parker Triple X Customer Testimonial #1

A free range poultry unit required protection from fox predation. High tensile hinge jointed poultry netting was chosen coupled with Clipex Deer and Pasture posts to form a protective enclosure.

Intermediate posts:
3.0m 14 clip Clipex deer posts, 1.5m 4 clip Pasture posts
Intermediate post centres: 6.0m centres
Beefy Intermediates: 3.0m 14 clip Clipex Beefy deer posts
Strainer Type: Triple X diagonal all steel strainers
Wire Type: HT13-190-7.5 hinge jointed, 2.0mm high tensile, electric lines plus separate three line external perimeter electric fence.
Use: Predator exclusion / poultry containment

M Brown Quote-01.png

Steve @ McVeigh

Grassland Exhibitor
McVeigh Parker Triple X Customer Testimonial #2

The National Trust needed to replace their deteriorating original metal fence, which had stood for over 100 years. Aesthetic appearance, time and value for money were all considerations. The terrain was extremely challenging. The project required a product that would not only stand up to stock pressure but would be easier to transport and erect on site. Triple X fencing system was chosen as it solved all these problems.

Intermediate posts: 1.8m 11 clip Clipex Standard posts
Intermediate post centres: 4m centres for woodland perimeter and 3m for dividing paddocks
Beefy Intermediates: Used at slight changes in direction
Strainer Type: Triple X all steel diagonal strainer
Wire Type: Xfence premium long-life wire netting, XHT8-80-15, lamb friendly netting, 2.0mm high tensile heavily galvanised barbed wire
Tools Used: Hand-held petrol driver, cutters

Nathan B Quote-01.png

Steve @ McVeigh

Grassland Exhibitor
McVeigh Parker Clipex Customer Testimonial #3

Well-known for his world record sheep shearing exploits, McVeigh Parker customer and farmer Matt Smith needed a long-lasting deer containment fence. Clipex Beefys coupled with Xfence wire were his first choice and Matt then installed the fence himself whilst continuing to farm.

Beefy Intermediates: 3.0m 14 clip Clipex deer Beefy posts used throughout
Intermediate post centres: 8m
Strainer Type: Customer used reclaimed box beam crash barrier
Wire Type: XHT13-190-15 Xfence deer netting
Tools Used: Tractor and knocker, crimps, clamp bar and staples - two men
Use: Deer containment

M Smith Quote-01.png

Steve @ McVeigh

Grassland Exhibitor
Clingseal Silage Sheets

All sheets are manufactured using new techniques and improved raw polymer granules. This process is known for high strength, puncture resistance and excellent seal characteristics. The innovative combination of Visqueen Agri-S and Visqueen Clingseal - a thin, flexible, low permeability sheet helps to create the right anaerobic conditions for fast, efficient fermentation. In doing so it prevents pockets of trapped air forming to significantly reduce aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders.

For more information go to:
Read our brochure for more detail on our full range of harvest products here:

Steve @ McVeigh

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Gripple Plus Wire Joiner

Gripples are part of a comprehensive range of wire joiners and tensioners to suit a variety of fence wires, trellis and support wires.
Used as an in-line joiner or as an end anchor for stock fencing, high tensile barbed wire and plain wire.
Available in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes.

  • 4 times faster than knotting and other traditional methods
  • The simple push fit maintains the inherent strength of the wire
  • High grade ceramic roller for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Adjustment feature, can be re-tensioned year after year

Click here to view online

Gripple pLus Range-01.png
Gripple Photo-01.png

Steve @ McVeigh

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Gripple T-Clips

The Gripple T-Clip is the fast and easy way to tie-off wire - saving you time and labour when installing a fence. It is available in two models suitable for both stock fencing or barbed wire applications.
Simply twist at 90 degrees slide over the wire, twist back locking the hooks onto the wire, then push the wire through the receiver hole in the T-Clip then bend over once through.

  • Neat, professional finish
  • Ideal for use with very hard wires where knotting is cumbersome
  • Ideal for awkward, tight spaces, particularly horse fencing
  • Tie off in seconds
  • Up to five times faster than knotting

Standard Gripple T-Clip suitable for
  • Plain wire 2.00 mm - 3.25 mm (14 - 10 gauge)
  • High tensile light barbed wire 1.60 mm / 1.70 mm (15 1⁄2 gauge)
Gripple T-Clip 2 suitable for
  • Plain Wire 1.80 mm (15 gauge)
  • Barbed 1.80 mm / Barbed 2.00 mm (14gauge) and Barbed 2.50 mm (12 ½ gauge)
Click here to view online

TClip Photos-01.png

Steve @ McVeigh

Grassland Exhibitor
KMR Fencing Stapler

This cordless battery / gas operated stapler is made by KMR, a leading German manufacturer.
The high voltage ignition system gives you the power you need and thanks to its cordless convenience you won’t be held back by any hoses, cables or compressors.
Compatible with 40mm x 3.3mm Bezinal coated staples (supplied in tubs of 2520 with two fuel cells), the staples are ribbed for better holding.

  • Stapling up to 5 x faster
  • Suitable for a variety of tasks
  • Full UK backup with service engineers
  • Lightweight at only 3.9kg

Click here to view online

Specification sheet available
KMR Spec Sheet image-01.png

Steve @ McVeigh

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Petrol Hand Held Post Driver

The Easy Petrol Post Driver is comfortable, portable, lightweight & powerful.
It’s designed to knock any size stake, peg or post into the ground, up to a 4” diameter (subject to soil conditions).
  • Portable – No pipes and generators needed
  • Lightweight, only 15.3kg
  • Ideal for Steep ground and inaccessible locations
  • Physically less demanding than traditional methods
  • Can be used all day without operator fatigue
  • Clipex attachments available
Click here to view online

Steve @ McVeigh

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Gallagher HR4 Hand-Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector

Portable Hand Held EID Tag Reader and data collection. High performance readers provide a super-fast read of both HDX and FDX-B tags, and with an ergonomic and hard wearing design they are the perfect tool for portable EID data collection. Easy recording of pre-defined animal data against EID tag numbers.

  • Half duplex (HDX) and full duplex (FDX-B) ISO compliant
  • Internal memory for over 100,000 tags for later download to computer
Click here to view online

Steve @ McVeigh

Grassland Exhibitor
Gallagher Touch Screen Weigh Scales

Using market leading touch screen technology, Gallagher Weigh Scales and Data Collectors have large bright screens which can be easily read in direct sunlight.
The equipment allows you to record weight, life data and traits, ideally suited to farmers wanting to record more information than just the weight of their animals, allowing you to record up to 3 traits per session. You can also record treatments on the spot, animals can be weighed and administered the correct dose rate and then be recorded on the weigh scale at time of treatment.

  • Warranty 1 year (2 years if registered online)
  • USB drive loaded with APS software
  • USB cable for data transfer
  • Battery charging cable
  • Mains charging cable
Click here to view online

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