Melilotus Albus- honey/bokhara/sweet clover

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  1. Wigeon

    Wigeon Member

    Come across this for the first time in 'humus and the farmer'.

    Anyone grow it?

    It's described as something of a wonder plant both in terms of forage and nitrogen fixation.
  2. Great In Grass

    We put Sweet Clover into some of our herbal ley mixtures.
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  3. Wigeon

    Wigeon Member

    Is it ever grown as a straight?
  4. Great In Grass

    I'm getting my Melilotus mixed up!

    We use Melilotus officinalis which is 'Yellow Blossom' sweet clover not a white, doubt there is much difference in the two.

    Always used in a mix but as a straight, it's recommended to sow a 6kg/ha.

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