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As The Farming Forum has grown and we speak to more and more companies, we get offered more and more members deals. You will probably have seen these in the Members Emails we send out already. We have also now started this thread where we will add all the Deals and Discounts we get offered to keep them in one place.

If you are company reading this and you want to feature your offer here and in our members emails as well then PM me on here @Chris F or email me on [email protected].

This thread isn't for discussion, its just for posting the deals themselves.

Chris F

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AminoA Plus is a Biostimulant with a high concentration of amino acids, obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis. It can be used on all crops, including: vegetables, olive trees, fruit trees, citrus trees, vineyards, banana plantations, gardens, ornamental plants and lawns.

AminoA Plus is made of 100% Active Ingredient without any fillers ot inert materials.

100% of the Amino Acids found in AminoA Plus are the L-type (L-levogiro).

AminoA Plus also contain 92% organic matter, 12% organic N (Nitrogen), 4% Potassium (K2O) and 440 ppm of absorbable Iron (Fe).

Special Offer

TFF Members get a 10% discount on purchases of AminoA Plus until the end of March 2016.

Simply type in code "TFFaminoa10%" at checkout.

Click here to purchase:
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Chris F

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Pace Ward Agricultural Insurance

In an exclusive deal with The Farming Forum, Pace Ward are offering a discounted policies on all types of agricultural insurance. Underwritten by some of the biggest companies in Agricultural insurance, if you have your renewal some then give them a call or drop Gary an email to [email protected] and they can quote up a policy matching the one your currently have in place.

Just some of the cover you can benefit from with a specialist Farming Insurance policy includes:
  • Farm buildings and contents
  • Livestock
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Farm Vehicles
  • Loss of revenue
  • Employers’, Public and Product Liability
  • Farm “all risks” insurance
  • Milk in tanks
  • Computer Equipment
  • Hail (crops)
  • Personal Accident and sickness insurance
  • Legal Expenses insurance
Read more about our Farming Policies here and you can read more about Pace Ward here

For further information or to speak to Gary Heath on 01782 286311, alternatively visit our website at or email Gary on [email protected]


Chris F

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LED light packaged deals currently only available to Farming Forum members.

We have grouped together some of the most popular led light items we sell and then discounted them for them for orders received via phone, email or online ordering through until end of May 2016.

Trailer reverse light kit just £73 + vat inclusive postage.

Kit includes 2 x part number UTV-313 which are nice neat 3 inch square 18 watt led lights come equipped with waterproof dt deutsche connector on each. Plus 01 x part number UTV-711 which is a remote control wiring loom with dt connector.

Use remote loom kit to connect to original rear light wires at rear of trailer thereby finding a live feed then connect other end of loom to the two led flood beam lights which most people mount on rear mudguards.

When reversing so long as you have the side lights turned on just use the remote control fob from your cab to turn the reversing lights on or off. No need to route extra wiring right through to the tractor and not tractor specific. Just simply works every time.

Trailer remote control led reverse light kit.jpg

Curved twin row led light bars ranging in size from 180, 240 or 288 watts. From £185 to £255 + vat inclusive carriage.

All specified with high quality internal components and 4D optic lens to give one and a half times the distance of light and twice the brightness compared to cheap ordinary 2D light bars. EMC included to eliminate interference with radio, CB and all self guidance devices.

Curved led light bars spread the light wider and really make a difference at all stages of working particularly on headlands. Reduces eye strain and tiredness at night too. Demonstrations anywhere.

More led light solutions coming your way for telehandlers, replacement oval cab lights plus we sell superb blue led lights for crop sprayers (£45 + vat each).

When ordering any of our products please quote discount code TFF040516


Customer satisfaction is paramount to our business therefore please buy in the confidence our products will definitely do the job intended.

Contact details:


Email: [email protected].

Tel: 01606 553109 or 07834 457621.
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Chris F

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In an exclusive deal with The Farming Forum Midlands Lubricants are offering a discount polices on the following products, to anyone referencing “TFF Discount”.

205 ltr Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 Now £ 164 Discount TFF price £159

205 ltr Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 Now £ 164 Discount TFF price £159

205 ltr Hydraulic Oil HVI 46 Now £ 195 Discount TFF price £190

205 ltr Hydraulic Oil HVI 32 Now £ 195 Discount TFF price £190

205 ltr Super Universal TractorOil 10w/30 Now £ 215 Discount TFF price £210

205 ltr Super Universal Tractor Oil15w/30 Now £ 215 Discount TFF price £210

199 ltr Bio Degradable Hydraulic 46 Now £ 279 Discount TFF price £270

Furthermore, we will also discount any of our standard oils by £0.02 per litre again to anyone quoting “TFF Discount

Midlands Lubricants Ltd is a supplier and distributor of Oil and Grease products to both companies and individuals alike.Quick and easy to open an account,we form lasting partnerships with our customers due mainly to our switch and save quality policy, price and timely delivery.
  • Better Viscosity Index than Brand Name oil suppliers.
  • Improved Viscosity Index, stops the oil becoming thin at high temperature, lasting longer
  • Extreme Pressure (EP) oils that bond to prevent touching at high pressure prolonging life.
  • Anti-foam agents.
  • Brand match Laboratory tested oils with full batch traceability.
For further information please contact Dave Jones – Mobile 07976790761

Email: [email protected] or visit our website
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Chris F

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We are offering an unbelievable offer to forum members for the Oerlikon 350 Amp Mig Welder package as detailed below. The link is a hidden one for forum members to access and it is between £300 and £700 cheaper than the any one on the internet so its a very good buy.

The link is as follows :


Oerlikon Citoline 3500 TS

· Built In Volts & Amps Digital display

· 4 rollers

· 5 Metre Interconnection Leads

· Complete welding cycle (2T-4T-Spot-Intermittent)

· Ground Cable with Clamp

· MB36 4 Metre Torch

· Regulator

· Castors On Feeder DV4004 CTL

  1. Input Voltage: 400 V- 3ph
  2. Frequency: 50 Hz
  3. Maximum Primary Consumption: 41.5 A - 24 A
  4. No Load Voltage: 18 - 45 V
  5. Current Range: 35 A - 350 A
  6. Duty Cycle @ 40 ºC:
    100% - 210 A
    60% - 270 A
    35% - 350 A
  7. Wire Sizes: Steel- 0.8-1.2 mm
  8. Wire Sizes: Stainless Steel- 0.8-1.2 mm
  9. Wire Sizes: Flux cored wire- 1.0-1.2 mm
  10. Wire Sizes: Aluminium- 1.0-1.2 mm
  11. Class: IP 23
  12. European Standards: EN 60974-1;-10
  13. Insulation Class: H
  14. Dimensions (W x H x L): 500 x 865 x 900 mm
  15. Net Weight: 100 Kg
  16. Wire Feed: 4 rollers

Chris F

Staff Member

UK Carbon Care have an offer that should be available to most TFF members. Due to a government backed scheme you may be entitled to fully funded insulation for your farm house. ECO funding is available to anyone.You can find out if you qualify in 3 easy steps:

1) Give them a call/email to see if you qualify
2) Have your free survey at your convenience.
3) We install your insulation free of charge around your schedule

Get in contact with them on 0800 009 2108 or submit an enquiry on or email [email protected]
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Chris F

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Luxum LED is offering a lifetime 10% discount to The Farming Forum Members.

To take advantage of this discount we only ask you visit our site and register. Also, like us on Facebook and we will send you exclusive offers from time to time.

Our products take the advantage of energy saving, environmental friendly and long life.

With a wide and varied customer base encompassing many different business sectors, Luxum LED has a solution for all your needs.

  • Agricultural - livestock buildings and Grain Stores
  • Industrial - Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Street Lighting - Public and Private Roadways
  • Tunnel Lighting
  • Commercial - Forecourt lighting and Security lighting
  • Domestic - Internal Lighting and External Security

Check out our current offers:




Chris F

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In the world of front linkages, the Zuidberg name is synonymous with innovative design, excellent build quality and products that are precision-engineered to ensure a perfect fit, whatever the make or model of tractor. Zuidberg also have a 25 years+ back-catalogue of front linkages, so whatever the age of your tractor, the chances are that Lynx can supply the front linkage you need.

As the official Zuidberg importer for the UK, Lynx Engineering is currently able to help customers to save £££s on any Zuidberg front linkage when they take advantage of their special offer.

For a limited period only, Lynx are giving an end user discount of 20% off the recommended retail prices across the entire range of Zuidberg linkages. So there’s never been a better time to buy that quality front linkage for your tractor.

Zuidberg’s cast base frame offers superior strength compared with other linkages that still use welded construction. All lift cylinders feature a hardened, chrome-plated piston rod and industrial spherical, greasable and replaceable bearings are used on both ends of the cylinder, guaranteeing a long life without play. Zuidberg design also allows the link arms to fold inwards for greater operator visibility when the linkage is not in use.

How to order

It’s easy. You can either call Lynx direct on 01327 843215 or you can complete and return the Order Form which can be found at the following link:



MF 7600 HI cropped 2.jpg

NH T5 (7).jpg

Zuidberg Front Lnkg CASE.jpg
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JASIC PRO MIG 250 (230V)
Inverter MIG | TIG | ARC Welder

This offer goes on general release at 11am today, we are letting TFF members take advantage first so if you are interested ..... get in quick because this is a real bargain .....



  • £699.00 when you use voucher code. JASIC1
  • Includes MIG Torch and gas regulator.
  • 5 Year RTB Warranty.
  • Next day delivery.
  • 250 amps on a 240V single phase supply
  • Offer from 17th to 24th February only.
  • FREE TIG torch for the first 5 machines ordered.
  • FREE UK Mainland delivery.
  • Only one machine per order.


Chris F

Staff Member

Hotline Fire Drake 67 Solar Energiser Spring Offer

Spring is here and the sun is shining... well a little bit...

Need to save time and want to help the environment - why not go solar? We have a great deal on our Fire Drake 67 Solar Energiser until the end of April.

Alternatively you could always change your current 12v battery system to solar by adding one of our:

Solar Panels Fire Drake 67

RRP £343.92 – Sale Price £264.55 inc vat


This is a medium powered energiser with an integrated high capacity solar panel.

Many solar energisers are relatively low in power and/or utilise solar panels which are inadequate to keep the battery charged. Hotline have designed the Fire Drake energiser range to operate at popular power levels, suitable for a range of applications, with panels carefully matched to replace the energy used while operating.

A battery charger is also included to help keep the battery charged during the dark and damp UK winter months.

The Fire Drake 67 Solar Energiser has:

  • 12amp/hr 12v internal battery is included
  • 10 watt solar panel
  • on/off switch
  • high and low settings
  • low battery/pulse indicator
  • battery charger
Technical Info:

  • Stored Joules - 0.65j
  • Output Joules - 0.50j
  • 10 watt solar panel
  • 12 amp/hr 12v battery is included
  • Can power up to 5km of wire in ideal conditions or 5 sheep nets or 1x 50m poultry net
  • 3 year warranty

Chris F

Staff Member

1. ***Clearance Stock***

15m Electric Poultry Netting

• 15m long x 1.15m high
• 5 x double pronged posts
• Green electric netting
Keeps predators and the dreaded Mr Fox out! Ideal as an extension to an existing net or as a stand alone net for a small enclosure.
These nets are old stock - they have not been used - but the bags they come in may be a bit dusty as in the pictures.

Cost - £52.50 inc VAT

2. ***Clearance Stock *** Galvanised Wire

Was £23.31 ... Now £14.77!!

Clearance Galvanised Wire 200m

Some of the spools & labels are damaged but the wire is OK.

1.6mm malleable galvanised wire with 7 strands conductors for extra strength and durability.

Easy to work with and highly conductive.

Shop For Galvanised Wire

3. *** Clearance S
tock ***


Our tape is great value...

check out these great clearance deals below:

*** 200M X 20MM GREEN ONE SHOCK ELECTRIC FENCING TAPE*** Our Price £14.09 (incl VAT)

*** 200 X 20MM YELLOW ONE SHOCK ELECTRIC FENCING TAPE *** Our Price £14.09 (incl VAT)

Offer valid til stock clears

4. *** OFFER ***


. Many of our connectors and joiners are discounted through out June.

C73-2 Was £9.08.... Now £6.06

C75-2 Was £8.26... Now £5.83

CB40-5 Was £9.42... Now £6.28

C94-10 Was £7.86... Now £4.84

There are more bargains to be had so check out our Joiners & Connectors and make your electric fence efficient!

Check Out Our Connectors & Joiners

5. Hotline Fire Drake 67 Solar Energiser Spring Offer

Summer is here - its been a great spell of sunny warm weather!

Need to save time and want to help the environment - why not go solar? Harness the sun! We have a great deal on our very popular Fire Drake 67 Solar Energiser until the end of June.

Alternatively you could always change your current 12v battery system to solar by adding one of our Solar Panels

Fire Drake 67 RRP £343.92 – Sale Price £272.98

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