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Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by Lazy Sod, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    @Clive, @Chris F, would you give some consideration to making it mandatory that members provide some indication as to their location, at least their regeon of the country, if not their county or more local than that, at their discretion?

    I find it most annoying that members will comment or post a request for information or help that can't sensibly be answered without some idea of their location.

    It's no good saying "it's still raining here" if nobody knows where "here" is.
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  2. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    I don't like to dictate to people and if an individual doesn't want to disclose their location then that's up to them - I think peer pressure and pointing out how pointless making a statement like "its raining here" is normally is enough to encourage a user to declare location ?

    I do agree though it can be very annoying so will give it thought and listen to what other contributors to this thread think
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  3. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    I’m with @Lazy Sod with this.what have people have to hide.i have south norfolk for my location but would be happy to post my village name of Bunwell if needed
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  4. theboytheboy

    theboytheboy Member

    Those that want to keep their location private could always just put a false one down.

    May make things even more confusing though
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  5. JCMaloney

    JCMaloney Member

    LE3 9EU
    Nowt to hide, you can all pop round for tea & biccies. :)
    I would concur with folk talking about "here" when nobody knows where "here" is. Even if its just county its a start.
    Or what3words.....
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  6. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Well ''here'' for me is slap bang between Scunthorpe and Grimsby and slightly south of Brigg
  7. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    Barge on the ancholme then
  8. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    No it sank .

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