Metal Detecting land Wanted


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Hi All.
A farmer friend has pointed me in the direction of the forum to ask my plea.

I am a local amateur metal detectorist looking for permission to search land for myself and a retired friend to look to see if there is any history hidden beneath.

We are both National Metal Detecting Council members and hold liability insurance to the value of £100000 , details would be supplied

We will follow a code of conduct and always be respectful to your land as if it was our own and leave it in the same condition, carefully re filling the hole and returning the grass/earth like it hadn’t been removed, also abiding by any rules you wish to implement.
We would need a search agreement signing by both parties , to cover us on your land and you for having us on the land.

There would never be more than the 2 of us and would always liaise with you before entering your property.

I can’t promise I’ll find the next Staffordshire hoard but all finds will be shown to yourself and any rubbish will be removed from the land, any finds you wish to keep for land history will be honoured.
Areas of interest would be Midlands , Shropshire & Worcestershire but we would be willing to drive further a field

I really hope you could oblige with allowing us permission on ANY part of your land, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for any responses and hope to liaise with you soon


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