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Hi Guys, looking for a favour which would result in receiving some of my wife's home baking :) been metal detecting several years now with my 14 year old son, always looking for new land to detect, stay in the Ayrshire but willing to travel anywhere, would really appreciate any offer . I am a Residential childcare worker for kids in care,
I have been interested in metal detecting for many years and I’m passionate about this hobby, I I’m fully aware of the farming code of conduct and a fully insured member of the NCMD ( National council for metal detecting)

If permission was granted I would adhere to the following points-

• All holes will be filled and the land will be left in the same condition that it was found with as little disturbance as possible.
• Show you all finds and if any are of value I would share with you 50/50
• Remove any rubbish whilst on your land
• Remove scrap metal whilst on your land
• Adhere to all of your requirements
• Not make any noise
• Let you know in advance of when I would turn up
• Respect your privacy at all times
• Adhere to all boundaries set out by your good self, only searching the fields that you have specified
• Would be happy to provide a map from Google earth and mark up with yourself
• Alert you to any damage on your land, wounded animals etc.
• Inform you of any interesting wildlife and provide pictures
• Take photos of all finds and provide a regular written inventory
• Get all finds identified and provide you with these
• Research the area and provide you with my findings

Hope this finds you in good health, please don't hesitate to PM etc and i would forward my mobile and be happy to call or meet to discuss further, Thanks a million David.

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