Meuse Rhine Issle

The old man was into this sort of stuff: MRI, montbelliarde and rotebund (rotebunte?). My opinion was that if you’re going to milk a cow then get a milking cow. Those breeds didn’t do anything particularly well.
Neighbour milks a big herd of montbelliarde, but they are organic. Has some cracking beef cattle as well. Crosses some with Salers and some with BB and often tops the market. Holsteins have ruined half the beef job unfortunately
A friend in Somerset used to milk MRI, he bought them from Holland, quite a number of years ago he went back to Holland to buy more and found that many of the breeders had crossed them with Fleckvieh, so he did the same.
After seeing the results he went to Austria and bought a lorry load of Fleckviehs and is now pretty much pure.

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