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Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by renewablejohn, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    Well I have finally got fed up with a single door MF550 tractor
    cab. Anyone know of any more modern 2 door cabs that can be easily made to fit.
  2. rob h

    rob h Member

    east yorkshire
    Yes a red 2 door cab don't know when they started using them but we had a 1981 565 with a red cab with 2 doors
  3. Kevtherev

    Kevtherev Member

    Welshpool Powys
    There is a firm In Ireland making them to fit 240 and other MF models.
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  4. The two door models were the last ones and I think were around x redge. I'm not aware of any cabs that would fit unless the export dealers send them abroad without cabs
  5. MF-ANDY

    MF-ANDY Member

    s.e cambs
    Dont forget if you try to source one from a breaker it must be from a 550. A 565. 575. 590 wont fit
  6. 550 cabs are scarce and good ones too

    Good luck with it keep us posted...
  7. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    Thats why I am asking if any later models will fit as all the 550 cabs I have seen s/h are rubbish.
  8. Ok sorry.
  9. mar

    mar Member

  10. Mursal

    Mursal Member

  11. Surely for the price of a new cab and the hassle of trying to get it to fit etc, would it not be cheaper or less hassle to restore the existing one?
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  12. timff

    timff Member

    Agree with Thomas...renovate the old if at all possible, must be the way to go...
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  13. Paul E

    Paul E Member

    Sunny Yorkshire
    but then he's still only got 1 door.:banghead:
    Might need a gas axe and some initiative......:angelic:
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  14. multi power

    multi power Member

    Mystery to me why anone cannot cope with one door, I mean there is only one of me, I can't get in through 2 doors at once
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  15. rob h

    rob h Member

    east yorkshire
    I can't remember the last time I used the right hand door on any of our just seems more natural to use the left hand door
  16. oakleaf

    oakleaf Member

    It just makes life more awkward.
    Small jobs such as working on the dash or brakes or throttle linkage become a pain with no RHS access.
    Even sweeping out the cab its a nuisance.
    At least JD SG2 had an opening lower window.
    And while l appreciate there wont be many MF 500s on hedgecutters these days , nipping out to open gates or wires through the right is much safer.
    I like and still have use for my 575 but regularly wish it was a later 2 door model.
  17. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Yes but when you haven't got a second door, nothing else matters.
    A bit like metallic paint ..........
  18. multi power

    multi power Member

    I only ever use my right hand door if the passenger seat is in use
  19. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Never like using the right side after I took the handbrake lock off a Massey T20 brake pedal many many years ago, as I dismounted. If you remember the lock was instead of a handbrake ..........
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  20. essexpete

    essexpete Member

    Turn off before getting off tractor?

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