mf 6400/7400 t3 air con question

my 7480 the compressor is engaged with the switch in the cab in the off position,hence compressor running continuously and icing things up

pull the tail off on the back of the compressor and it cuts out

ive heard there are a couple of relays somewhere about the cab but where??
anything else to check over?



Is it standard ac or climate control
99% of all 7400 series will have climate control. Which is no better really than standard air-con except that there is far more to go wrong and the extra stuff is expensive stuff. Plus every time you open the door for more than a few seconds on a hot day will have the blower roaring away needlessly. So nobody with standard air con should worry that they are missing out on anything. Its different than a car, which may have dual zones and will vary the vent openings as appropriate. There's none of that in the tractor where all the climate system does really is to alter the blower speed as an extra feature.

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