micro hydro power


Im after some information relating to micro hydro power.
We have a moderate amount of water in the winter flowing through some areas of the farm and are interested in a micro hydro power system - something that would generate say 4 kw

Are such things available?
Send me some details and I'll let you know. I'll run a quick flow estimation and see what can be done. Do you know how much head there is and over what distance? 4Kw is a bit smaller than we'd take on at SBA, but sure I can help.


Perth & Kinross
Is there any small scale hydro options for low head burns/streams? Constant flow and of course a lot more in winter than in summer which would prob tie in well with demand for power.


Very interesting stuff, there's a fair bit of water running to waste here that we need to use better to cut mains water bills and we've already got a solar system putting small amounts into the grid so there's potential to put a small project together.Has anyone any experience of people who are worth contacting about advice on such things..?
I would be happy to estimate flows and provide an estimated output for a given head. Just give me a location. As I said previously, these smaller systems are probably not of commercial interest to us, but I'm interested from a geeky perspective so happy to help.

fat beast

If you want to claim fits which is the bulk of the income you will need ea approval and if your not a hand shaker they will make your life hell

NI agri-food stakeholder groups discuss climate change bill with committee

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Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland

The Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) recently submitted oral evidence to members of the Stormont Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (AERA) committee on the content and potential impact of the Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill (No.2).

This draft legislation was recently introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in conjunction with agriculture minister, Edwin Poots.

“We were accompanied by representatives from a wide range of food industry bodies, including the Northern Ireland Meat Exporters’ Association,the Ulster Farmers’ Union [UFU], Northern...