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Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by rc mx110, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Sid

    Sid Member

    South Molton
    I see a difference between organic and conventional on seasonality on the cards.
  2. jimmer

    jimmer Member

    East Devon
    why oh why does it have to be so bloody complicated ?
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  3. Cowmangav

    Cowmangav Member

    I had to work out my average milk price for January to August 2016 for the EU claim form - quite shocking. Safe to say most people, ( but not all of course), posting their prices on here were in a different world.
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  4. cattow

    cattow Member

    Just looked at my AHDB/Promar Benchmarking Report 2015/16 average milk price 25.48ppl, my milk price for 4.4fat 3.53protien milk 17.51ppl
  5. stablegirl

    stablegirl Member

    Heres a good question...(I think) Arlas seasonality is self funding, with an amount used for the volume bonus.

    This year it sounds like there is an awful lot of spring milk being heavily penalized, how do they know how many litres they are going to have both spring and Autumn to redistribute the money.

    Ie if there is a lot of spring litres and very little Autumn surely there will be money left over?
  6. kp_n_plghng

    kp_n_plghng Member

    That's insane, are you jumping ship then?
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  7. cattow

    cattow Member

    There's no prizes for drowning ;)
  8. supercow

    supercow Member

    @Cowmangav @cattow r u boys leaving first milk? I honestly thought in October resign get cracked into the yew tree bandwagon and life will be all good, now springs here I'm not so sure!
  9. cattow

    cattow Member

    Came out last year never been with any one else since vesting day. The bank manager came round with a packet of chocolate hobnobs to celebrate!
  10. supercow

    supercow Member

    Who r u with now?
  11. Surface Tension

    SW Scotland
    Was told recently that one of the guys in SW Scotland is on 23p with yew tree, not so good when the farmer has to cover haulage charges by the mile.
  12. supercow

    supercow Member

    Ye that's what they sign up for, if ur calving predominantly in the back end it suits going to yew tree with the better price in the back end, 31 pence they were getting when we were getting 23 in October/November!
  13. eulb

    eulb Member

    You have to take the rough with the smooth,when he was getting 32p in November 16 he wouldn't be complaining.
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  14. ___\0/___

    ___\0/___ Member

    SW Scotland
    Going to be interesting times for yew tree, the former Sorn Milk guys can hand in notice in June. Think one or two might get snapped up by other processors.

    Graham's have dropped milk price but not sure by how much.
  15. eulb

    eulb Member

    I've always been on a 3month contract with Yew tree,they have to be right with you or your off.
  16. ___\0/___

    ___\0/___ Member

    SW Scotland
    The Sorn Milk guys agreed to move on mass and have a set period before they can leave which is June. After that I think they are just the same as you.

    Admittedly this may have changed and you might be better informed if you are supplying them.
  17. holstein654

    holstein654 Member

    Any news on Arla price for May?
  18. sidjon

    sidjon Member

    Yeah 50p a litre....:whistle:
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  19. holstein654

    holstein654 Member

    Fingers crossed
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  20. Chips

    Chips Member


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