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Has any one had a customer ask about red tractor?
Both of ours are red.....

In all seriousness, no, never. Which to me demonstrates the ridiculousness of the scheme. Since Sophie and I struck out on our own we have never been farm assured, all lambs sold through market and it made no difference. Beef animals either sold privately as meat or for breeding, or some weaned calves sold privately, made no difference. Possibly would have for cull cows but we had a buyer for the odd one we did have, and it made no difference.
Now, although we aren't a great scale, we sell just about everything ourselves, through our farmshop, beef, lamb, mutton, pork, milk, cream etc. No farm assurance scheme, never been asked by a customer about it, but do get questions about how we do things, what animals are fed etc which is fine, and right to be asked too. I always say we get inspected every day.


Know what you mean.
At one of our farm shop customers today & the owner was a touch frustrated with his customers. "Come out this morning without switching their bloody brains on " was one of his more charitable comments
Haha, that's exactly the same comment I heard at the butcher's today!🤣 - along with less charitable comments


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It’s great to see how the direct to public sales of all farm produce has increased over the last few years but especially in the last 12 months

My company are introducing a new range of vending machines specifically to support the agricultural sector and they are available as lockers or automated retail modules all with touchscreen technology

They are available as ambient, chilled or frozen and can sell almost any product remotely and paid for by contactless, card, coins or notes

If we can be of any help in building your business then please few free to contact me
I’ll bite...

a vending machine for meat and eggs is interesting. A lot of people are shopping online and having deliveries without picking their own meat off the shelf so I can see it working. But it would need a lot of advertising and marketing as you don’t have the draw of a farm shop to browse around.
What ball park figure are we talking for one?


Just reading your post.

Understand your concern about the capital outlay on a milk machine as they are not cheap

A good compromise would be to sell the bottles through a dedicated bottle vender

These start at around £5,500 so much less painful

if your interested give me a call


Give me one good reason why I should invest (spend ) £5500 with you when my £200 fridge works? - so much less painful!
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Rejuvenating swards: Which option is best?

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Written by Brian McDonnell

Maintaining grass quality during mid-season grazing is important. Farmers can maintain quality by entering ideal grazing covers of 1,300 – 1,500kg DM/ha, and grazing down to a residual of 4cm every rotation.

If you are now in a situation where cows are not cleaning out paddocks as well as they should be, leading to the development of steamy grass within the sward, here are some options.

Common options for rejuvenating swards include:

  1. Take a silage cut, probably into bales, remove the material and start again with the aftermath...