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  1. Lots of positive talk about this from people I know who are Barbers suppliers.

    The UK average in terms of milk AB failures I was told is quite alarmingly high compared to the rest of Europe. Also the initiative isn't just about AB failures it also highlights AB use in general, a lot of old fashioned myths about how to use X and Y and what is legal and what is not.

    More to the point they are your customer, they want it and so if you don't want to meet their specifications, sell your milk elsewhere?

    The whole industry needs to wise up about antibiotic usage, the pig and poultry boys did it, it is definitely possible.
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  2. Someone was saying exactly this to me not 7 days ago. I believe milk is a fair bit shorter than we are being told as well.
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    We're doing the Milksure training next week with our vet because we had an antibiotic fail. There was a bit of confusion with the vet having to be trained first. The Q&A on the Milksure states that "the trainer does not have to do the training, as al the information is sent to the vet before hand." Therefore we are ablle to comply within the 3 month deadline.
  4. You gotta go to get the free pasty. You might even learn something. Besides, its too wet and talking to other people makes a change.
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    Just signed up on the website to do the course.
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    The pig and poultry industry use the vast majority of antibiotics in agriculture,so a small change there will be a lot of antibiotics.
    I watched a video on the Arla website and I am quite frankly shocked at how many fails there are. How difficult is it to correctly mark a cow,red spray and tape is cheap ,plus correctly record it? The issue of dry cow therapy is now being dealt with , more teat seals are being used now with selective dry cow therapy.
    For my part we have had one farm tank fail before it was loaded many years ago,we changed protocol and so far so good. On dry cows 95% of cows have seals only and any dry cow therapy used is short action as I take the view,as did my vet, that there was no advantage to long acting once teat sealing arrived,any cow that needed more should be culled.
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    There no point in using a long acting dry cow tube ,a week is good enough.the dry cow cures any infection and the test seal stops any new infection
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    It may be in part due to the test becoming more accurate, which throws up false positives. I had a failure, but after sending my milk buyer 12 months of vet invoices they decided it wasn't my problem.

    The amount recorded was less than 2ppb.
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    som/dor border
    If that was true why do some cows remain infected?
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    Lead cures that
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    If you dry a cow off with a high cell count you should check her cell count a month after calving should be below 200 if it's still high she's chronically infected and needs culling, keeping her just means infecting others
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    That would depend on what she has
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    Why would it depend on what she has if it's not being cured
  14. I did the first part of the course today and actually found it pretty interesting.
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  15. For each drug there is an acceptable level of residue for it to pass the dairies test. This level is not necessary zero and the tests that are available for on farm use do not always have the same threshold level as the levels set by the VMD. The delvo test is upto 4 times as sensitive for cepravin as the level set by the VMD and tested for in the dairies but only half as sensitive as the dairies test for some of the tetracyclines.

    Basically if you use a product on label or follow cascade and use a 7 day withhold then your chances of failing a test are so minute that it's not really worth testing on farm.
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  16. Snap also done the 1st part. Harmless enough
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    Does the theory of volume help then?
  18. I didn't think the vets are going to promote that volume will work in your favour but it absolutely will.
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    although legally it's the individual cow which has to be clear hence why you have to delvo the cow (if off label/cascade) and not just delvo the tank.
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    It’s just the fact that a reasonably large herd can carry a high cell count cow with no bulk tank issues and if not infectious then.....

    Both my 12 calvers wouldn’t have made it past 6 lactations following your route. Its just being pragmatic
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