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    Anyone on here know how they work out how much folk get on this. Mine came just before Christmas and for the three years back payments I got £300 which i just took as for granted, talking to my neighbor on the same fell he got £1500 but he does have twice as many sheep in the fell. Still over twice as much per sheep right than me, then found out two folk on the same fell who have rights on the fell but don’t graze got over £3000 each and have simaler rights to mine. So how the heck do they work that out ?
    Going to ring the NFU office on Monday but just wondering what others on here think
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    Your guess is as good as mine. I recognise that different commons areas have different methods of utilising common rights. On Dartmoor some commoners have rights apportioned over different commons, then there is the eligible area of the common, add to this has the RPA apportioned split rights or duplicated rights - they did understand it back in the old days when we would have a letter telling us how much of the common was apportioned to our number of rights. So now, I think they use a dartboard!
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