Mixit slurry stirrers any good?

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    south glos
    the auger on mine has over time, broken up. at the moment it is without one.
    how much is a replacement?
  2. stirrer

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    I don't include a top link as many people, particularly contractors, have a top link.
    It is not incorporated into the frame as it weakens the frame, and when you are transmitting the large amounts of power this machine can use,
    then it is better to have a separate top link.
    When I was stirring farmer's tanks, I seldom used a hyd top link.
    The frame is designed to keep the U/J's equally bent, once the top link is set to a depth of 2 ft.
    I do sell top links, complete with hoses.

    I would stress, equal bending of u/j's is VERY important for U/J long life, smooth running, shear bolt life,
    and less side loading on tractor splines.
    I accept a hyd top link makes this equal bending easier.
  3. stirrer

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    the 75mm tube's auger is about £40 and the 90mm tube £50.
    the auger has to be cut into flights to fit it, unless you remove the bearings.
    They are to strong too 'bend' on.
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  4. robin banks

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    What depth tank can a mixit 25' do. I was thinking of building my concrete tank 15 feet deep its 120 foot long by 36 wide.
  5. stirrer

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    with access down one side this size would mix in about 1 hour assuming 3ft crust, and 130hp?
    I have a 90x45ft store and mix it from one end.
    corners are a nuisance. best to 45deg them if pos.
    the push in point has the thickest crust so access here helps.

    Depth. unless you have sediment problems - I cant see a problem.
    stirring 'below half full' tanks is always more difficult.
    sand is impossible what ever you do!
  6. uncle has a storth and its be fine, did buy your stirrer from new ?
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  8. BAC

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  9. I live quite near Mr mixit and he came and looked at my pit which is 100 x 32 x 10 and you can only mix from one point at the end. He thought that the 25 foot might mix 2/3 maybe 3/4 but he underestimated himself. Contractor uses a 20 foot on a fendt 820 and it mixes it easily. Its a sight to behold when you see the whole pit moving like a whirlpool with lump of crust getting sucked under.
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  10. Muddy Boots

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    Used mixit for slurry contractor. Good machine.KISS. Keep it simple stupid!!
    Hydraulic top link very useful but it can tend to put pressure on pto knuckles as you start working at silly angles.
    Used to get through 5 or 6 pto knuckles a year. However that was heavy regular use with 200hp. If you doing just your own or owner operator will last ages and ages. Tip if knuckle bearings do go use good quality. Ie waltersheid or what is supplied with. Vapourmatic etc don't last, grease just goes to 2 points of the four stars and fail.
    You won't go far wrong if you get one.
  11. Peppa pig

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    Castle douglas
    After making a trailer for a mix-it lagoon mixer with extension over the last couple of weeks.mr mix it asked if id put pics on this thread.my mix-it tower mixer is in background on another home made trailer.

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  12. dusty

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    Is there any chance of a few pictures of the tower mixer setup
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  13. 8100

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    South Cheshire
    Just need a old decent power engine between the tower and tractor linkage save tractor wear and tear.Old Deutz or Same aircooled ;)
  14. stirrer

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    there are several tower/lagoon stirrers that have been made with an engine attached directly to a mixit tube system.
    the first one, using a Deutz engine, was built for Robert Laughlin and is now owned by Paul Joseph 01793791566.
    there is a picture of this machine on my website under 'tele stirrer'
    i should add i no longer make these - it is there for contractors with 'spare' engines and inventive bent
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  15. brynseiri

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    Conwy, North Wales
    I've used a pichon one a lot in the past, bearings needed doing almost every farm.
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  16. Propperjob

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    We have had Paul to stir our tower very impresses
  17. alan6430

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    What's the minimum power requirement of these stirrers? You all talk of 150-200hp. Do you really need big tractors just to stir slurry?
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  18. Peppa pig

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    Castle douglas
    Theres diffrent size impellers to suit your horsepower.ive a 200 and a 180 i think and finding the 180 better as can get more revs on to get momentum going.only using it on 150hp
  19. alan6430

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    I've never done it so no idea about it really. I imagined it was the sort of job your could do with the scraper tractor....
  20. john432

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    There, s a choice of at least 2 different size of propellers, and with multi speed ptos on tractors these days, you could use a tractor from 60 hp upwards. Have to say an excellent design of mixer. If one had a blank paper page to invent a slury mixer, who in his right mind would put a bearing in the sh!t?
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