Mixit slurry stirrers any good?

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Cider drinker, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. stirrer

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    i only manufacture. my neighbor recently bought at an auction.
    prices around £600 seem usual.
    you need the hvy walterscheid pto
    look at the main bearing housing - it should have a round exit hole for the tube.
    very old m/c's had U shaped frames and 1 3/8 splines.
    you need the 1 3/4" splines for today's power.
    impellers changed for the better about 8 years ago, and fully interchangeable with all stirrers
    the making date is on the top of the top link plates
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  2. davedb

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    I brought one at auction for an exboss once for only £250 it was a brilliant stirrer

    How much is a new 20ft out of interest? I’d be putting it on a 130hp 6cyl tractor (130 at pto) what size propeller would be best?
  3. stirrer

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    20ft with auger and walt. 2500 star tube pto, 110/150hp impeller is £1950 delivered.
    if you have to stir at depth for sand or sediment then best with 80/120hp impeller.
    sat here at moment watching cricket - bit sad i know!
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  4. Speedstar

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    Scottish Borders
    can you pm me some details on one of these mixers , how higher tower can you make them go over & are they on a trailer to move them about ?
  5. stirrer

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    if you look at the WEBSITE (click this) you will find the pics of the tower stirrer and trailer.
    usual max ht is 18.5ft, but i have made taller.
    stock sizes are 14.5,16.5, and 18.5ft.
    they all use the same rotating tube, auger and multi stage impeller, as with the lagoon stirrers.
    they will stir to ground level if sediment is a problem.
    they stir most crusty towers in 2-4 hrs.
    thickness of crust and weed is no problem as there is no stationary framework to stop circulation.
    if you email me from my site i will contact you.
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  6. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    If you need a contractor i have an 18.5 for the time it takes hardly worth you buying one .
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  7. Sid

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    South Molton
    We use to have a contractor in with a tower stirrer. With pump side stirrer and over the top it was a days work sometimes to mix it.

    Was offered to give this machine a go.
    Wow couple of hours on its own the store was half mixed. Another hour with all three and it was sorted. Was so thick it wouldn't umbilical.
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  8. Davy

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    North NI
    Thats a fancy looking slurry mixer
  9. Sid

    Sid Member

    South Molton
    With a fancy purchase price.

    You can set it up and rotate it 360° raise and lower it.


    Did a fantastic job.

    It hasn't got the same shaft as a mixit but does have static and rotating blades to aid chopping. Combine the two and be a hell of a machine .
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  10. vantage

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    Making a bit of a mess on your roof!
  11. Sid

    Sid Member

    South Molton
    Does every year but soon dries out.
  12. stirrer

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    Obviously the ability to raise and lower the tower is useful to a contractor, less so to a farmer.

    The swiveling is good but the Mixit’s 2 stage impeller, coupled to the rotating/auger tube makes moving less frequent as the crust can freely pass the mixing tube and there is no stationary framework. When I was stirring I used to drive slowly back and forth, with left or right lock, and this sliced up the initial areas before circulation started. One has to stir to the edges to allow circulation.

    I have a lot of feedback saying that the mixit impeller leaves a finer slurry and it appears to stay mixed for longer i.e. a chopper is not needed. I use the two stage design as single stage impellers cavitate at lower power than mine. The strength of the tube allows a long axial length for the impeller and thus two sets of blades, and the slicing auger. This also allows the tube to cut vertically down through thick crust when one arrives at a crusty, weedy, tree growing tower. NO BEARINGS to worry about!!

    The Mixit machines are designed to be as simple as possible, easy to maintain, reliable, and long lived. My original tower stirrer is still working in Cornwall after 27 years. The belt drive is quiet, the belts last until they perish – 7-10 years and cost half one gearbox?
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  13. Sid

    Sid Member

    South Molton
    I agree its not really a farmers machine.
    The two stores it done locally were really thick crusts. 3-4ft thick.
    There most definitely is a knack to mixing stores with the right equipment.
    I can see yours mixes it well with the auger on the shaft.
    The one we used, you could reach most of the store without moving. Both are advantageous
  14. stirrer

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    One thing i am looking for is someone between S Devon and say - Worcester/Birmingham, who either has a small lorry OR 6m trailer who could collect some machines from here and deliver them on a sight-seeing farm tour on the way home! The lagoon machines are usually in 4 pieces, tube with main bearing max 6.5m, frame the size of a large wheelbarrow, PTO, Impeller - total wt is 200kg.
    A dealer from Wales collected 6 lagoon m/c's and had the tubes resting on the cab rail. 3.5 ton or less flat lorry with low sides perhaps?
  15. davidroberts30

  16. pm 'd you
  17. Rob_AD

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    Used my own Mixit tower stirrer on digestate with a 5ft crust and with the help of a jetter blasting liquid around the impeller we got the tank mixed within a day (6m high x 25m tank)

    The Reck is a hell of a machine but i think it is over £20k !
  18. Sid

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    South Molton
    I was told double that.
  19. stirrer

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    then have all 3 heights of mixit and pocket the change!
    cant believe the Reck is quicker but have no experience of it in action.
    I used and developed my tower stirrer by contracting for 14 years and most people were astonished how quick it was.
  20. How safe is that?

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