Mobile poultry houses


Keith Banffshire
Hi top banana friend of mine got some 2nd hand ones he has just lost a contract were used for organic chickens they are well built well insulated they hold about 600 chickens pm me if you want his phone number


Mixed Farmer
They were chasing new growers last year (2sisters) and we very seriously thought about it. Bloody glad we didn't. Free range growers dumped with NO notice.

HALO, MacGreggor and ARM will all give you a quote over email.

LIberty I think had some second hand layer sheds last year. Some were on ebay.

I was advised by an existing broiler grower to be very carefull before starting with free range and I'm bloody glad I listened. Contracts if you get one don't seem to be worth the paper they are written on.

Are you planning to sell up?

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Graham Wilkinson to join AHDB as new CEO

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The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has today announced the appointment of Graham Wilkinson as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Graham brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success from his time at Arla Foods as Global Vice President, Agriculture. During his extensive time at Arla working in both Global and UK roles, he has successfully supported over 8,500 cooperative farmer owners and managed the delivery of innovative commercial milk concepts on farm.

With his experience and knowledge of the supply chain, Graham created a leading European Agriculture Function within Arla, spanning seven markets. He has also worked in the retailer-side at Tesco PLC, where he strengthened the sustainability of agriculture supply chains in its dairy, beef...