Monday's Forecast. (9/1/17) Snow Alert

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    Today Summary: Heavy rain then showers some wintry

    A line of rain will move south-eastwards today with some heavy outbreaks, winds will be strong to Gales force, clearer weather will follow with sunny spells and showers some are likely to be wintry over higher ground. High of 10C/50F


    Any rain will clear the south-east this evening, clear spells later. While wintry showers will continue in northern and western areas, with gales in the far northwest. Min 5C/41F

    Snow Warning: As we have been warning snow is back in the forecast Metjeffuk has a yellow warning for snow Thursday, Friday ,Saturday the snow areas most likely are Scotland, northern Ireland northern England and Wales with the south seeing most of any snow over high ground some moderate falls are likely. More updates at

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    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!

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