Mono pitch roof

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    Hello jcfarmer long time no see. You've managed to drag yourself out of the pub then. Oh no I forgot your on nappy changing duties now. :nailbiting: ;)
    Your help is much appreciated RWG.
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  2. What sort of things?
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    I know Cornflake aka Scrooge!;):LOL:
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    North Yorkshire
    The height gains for different pitches at various widths? I would have to resort to google and a triangle calculator and then I would probably still be scratching my head :oops:
  5. Well 15 degrees is fairly standard so that's 267mm per meter, the others are easy to work out, if you put 12*tan into a scientific calculator the answer is 0.21255656 mutiply that by 1000 is how many mm per meter it rises. His building is 30' deep which is 9144 mm so just multiply 0.21255656 by 9144 :) easy when you know how
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  7. I have built two for cattle one tin and one fibre cement both 10 degree pitch both fine look a sensible angle. Have another at 15 built like that for tipping bays for feed they work well but look a bit odd when standalone

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    Yeah it does seem quite steep but sometimes you have to take advice.
    I am going to have a play around over the weekend with some paper and see what looks acceptable.
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    As said go as flat as you like with tin roof ideal to have full length sheets if you are worried about condensation you could have the drip stop backing on the sheets to prevent most of the dripping but not all as i understand ,Or if using fibre cement you could go down to 6deg with bigger end laps and sealed with mastic tape on the end and side laps we have done this a few times and had know problems with leaks this would reduce the fall from front to back to approx 1 meter
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    we have one lean too it drops a meter every eight

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