Monty Don says wolves should be reintroduced to Britain as deer are destroying our woodland

to be honest, I am more worried about Beavers, I read that when they hear water running through a pipe (or culvert), they think it is a leak in a dam and make sure they block it up, and just counting I have 19 pipes to take ditches under gateways here. Conservationists have even designed a guard for pipes (which to me seems to be designed to block up and need cleaning out very regularly).
Whilst many of the points these people (you know what I mean) make can be good, does he seriously think it’s a good idea to have a fantastically successful vicious predator roaming around the British countryside?

I think wolves are incredible and beautiful creatures but I’m chuffed if I want to be doing my current job, which involves faffing about in fields in the dark very often, with the thought I might see one or more wolves licking their lips.

I watched a documentary once about reintroducing wolves to a remote valley in the USA. The valley was many tens of thousands of acres with not a single human inhabitant, but many were up in arms about the prospect.

One chap said “The wolf is an incredible and evil creature. If the devil himself had a pet, he would have a wolf.”


Mixed Farmer
Doesn't Monty Don's son farm? Adam I think it is, used to make a lot of noise on twitter (might still do), @Clive would know I'm sure.....

He used to run a flying sheep flock and was a lot more sensible than his Dad.;)

I’ve not seen or heard of him for a good while now, and pretty sure he left the industry.:(

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